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By | 07.04.2016

You have heard of the so-called «puzomerki» or site performance. Including such record as TCI. TIC is themed citation index Yandex. This affects the display position in the search. But speaking bektivno, this figure is much more important for those who earn money on the links. Living TIC customer needs first and foremost to compan, which engaged in the promotion could earn at raising TCI.

So, what is the TCI

Citation index (or IC) — accepted in the scientific world, the measure of «significance» of the works of the scientist. The value of the index determined by the number of references to this work (or last name) in other sources. However, for a truly precise definition of the significance of scientific works is not only the number of links to them, but also the quality of those links. For example, a job can be referenced authoritative academic publication, the popular entertainment magazine or brochure. The significance of such references are different.

Thematic index of citing (TIC) Yandex operates on the same principle and determines the «credibility» of Internet resources, taking into account the qualitative characteristics of links to them from other sites. This qualitative characteristic Yandex calls the «weight» of the reference. It is calculated by a specially developed algorithm. Important role played by thematic proximity of the resource and the link to his site. In itself, the number of links to resources also affects the value of its TCI, TCI but is not determined by the number of links, and the sum of their weights .

TCI as a means of determining the credibility of resources designed to provide resource location relevance filed catalog Yandex . TCI is not a quantitative characteristic, so Yandex shows users and webmasters rounded values ​​that help navigate the «significance» ( «credibility») resources in each region (subject).

The idea is simple citation index. If the person who creates the site Responsibility approaches to its creation and track who links to the resource, the TCI — is growing. And if a person stupid nashtampovat poprostts pages or stolen content, the good performance, as well as positions in the search for him — not to be seen.

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