In Windows Store appeared Killer Instinct

By | 10.12.2018

In Windows Store appeared Killer Instinct

В Windows Store появился Killer Instinct

Microsoft talked about cross-platform gaming in the times of Vista, but still, this idea remained just a beautiful wish. However, with the new Windows 10 it’s going to materialise.

Yesterday in the Windows Store appeared first truly multiplatform game from Microsoft, which is also available completely free (although there are in-app purchases). We are talking about the fighting game called Killer Instinct. This is one of the launch games for Xbox One, which appeared along with the console in 2013. Now it is available in a version for Windows 10, but is fully compatible with the console version. Thus, if you have already installed the game on your Xbox One, all you save, all purchases and all your progress will be available on Windows 10.

В Windows Store появился Killer Instinct

Speaking of, a true multi-platform projects, Microsoft mentioned a few games under active development. Later the work on Fable Legends was stopped because the company believed that the project will have commercial success. Pinball FX2 is still waiting for the system to support multiplatform, and release Gigantic was postponed several times and, according to the latest data, to be held in August this year.

The looming potential mega hit Quantum Break also promises a full opportunity for cross-platform games. Microsoft will even give buyers the Xbox One a free copy for the PC. But as a new project from Finnish Studio Remedy is still not available, the honor of being the first multi-platform game belongs to Killer Instinct.

The game is only available for Windows 10 – the previous version of the operating system are not supported. In addition, you can download it only from official Windows Store – you won’t find the game on Steam or other similar services for the electronic distribution.

It is likely that within the upcoming Microsoft Build conference 2016, before which is only a few hours, we’ll know more details about the future plans of the company in respect of multiplatform support.

Killer Instinct

Developer: Microsoft Studios

Price: Free*

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