In Windows 10 will not separate the OneDrive app

By | 10.12.2018

In Windows 10 will not separate the OneDrive app

В Windows 10 не будет отдельного приложения OneDrive

Gabriel Aul, responsible for the development of Windows 10 has provided clarification regarding the use of the cloud service OneDrive in the new version of Microsoft’s operating system. The Manager confirmed that OneDrive is integrated directly into the operating system.

Clarification was given in response to a user’s question about why OneDrive is still not available as a universal app. Gabriel replied that it is because OneDrive is now part of the operating system, stand-alone application as such will not be available on devices with Windows 10.

Detailed information about the integration is still not fully clarified and probably more information we can get during the BUILD conference 2015 (scheduled for April 30).

For several years many people were skeptical of the ability to store their files in the cloud, fearing for their privacy. But the massive influx of inexpensive devices with limited memory and the need to have access to files from any device (PC, tablet and phone) have changed in the minds of people towards such services.

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