In the next builds of Windows 10 Redstone, expect new features in Microsoft Edge

By | 10.12.2018

In the next builds of Windows 10 Redstone, expect new features in Edge

В ближайших сборках Windows 10 Redstone ожидается появление новых функций в Microsoft Edge

Currently, the Windows 10 development is conducted in several directions simultaneously. In other words, Microsoft modify the current public version of the operating system, releasing her regular cumulative updates, and at the same time busy with the next major update, codenamed Redstone.

Released today, Windows 10 preview build Redstone does not contain anything fundamentally new, since all the work is concentrated on the core of the system. However, in the near future the situation should change, especially in relation to Microsoft Edge.

Unlike Windows 10, which has undergone significant changes since its debut, part of its composition the Microsoft Edge remains far from perfect. Fortunately, the company has already begun to introduce new features in its new browser, which we can test in the next Insider Preview builds, both on PC and smartphones.

In particular, the browser will finally get a dialog box for saving files that will help you either to start download or to abandon it. By the way, the current version of the Edge starts downloading automatically after clicking on a link, without asking permission from user. Another likely innovation calls web notifications, but the willingness of this function at the time of release the following assemblies still in question.

As for smartphones, the first preview version of Windows 10 Mobile Redstone InPrivate browsing may be made to the navigation bar of the browser. Currently, the ability to activate private browsing mode in the smartphone version of Edge is available only in the drop-down menu Tabs.

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