In the first quarter it has sold 3 million Windows tablets.

By | 10.12.2018

In the first quarter, it sold 3 million tablets with Windows

В первом квартале было продано 3 миллиона планшетов с Windows

The number of sold Surface tablets – one of the mysteries of Microsoft, which has steadfastly refused to disclose specific figures, but according to the latest report of the Agency Strategy Analytics, in the first quarter of 2013 in total has sold about 3 million tablets running the operating system from Microsoft.

Of course, this number includes devices from other manufacturers, but the company’s tablet from Redmond, probably constitute the greater part of sales.

In addition, in the same report they say that in the beginning of this year the market share of Windows tablets increased from 0% to 7.5%. On top of this market is still holding the Apple with its iPad, but Android tablets overcome the gap with the leader.

Meanwhile, soon Microsoft will launch Surface Pro in 25 new countries, which will affect the statistics. It is unlikely that the tablets with Windows will exceed the share of its competitors with Android and iOS, but it would definitely be their worthy opponents.

: Phone Arena

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