In place of Ballmer discusses the heads of Ford, Nokia, Skype and Azure

By | 11.12.2018

In place of Ballmer discusses the heads of Ford, Nokia, Skype and Azure

Microsoft has defined a list with the final candidates for the position of Steve Ballmer, Alan Mulally (Ford), Stephen Elop (former CEO of Nokia) and three internal candidates, among them Tony Bates (former CEO of Skype) and Satya Nadel, who is currently responsible for the «Cloud services and corporate sector». The information comes from and familiar with the situation in the company, writes Reuters.

Despite the fact that the list was shortened (originally there were 40 candidates), the final choice may take several months. The name of the fifth candidate is unknown. Let me remind you, Steve Ballmer announced his retirement in August.

Microsoft has not released an official statement, and Reuters was unable to contact Nokia. But a spokesman for Ford said: «Alan is completely focused on their work and engaged in the implementation of the One Ford plan. We do not participate in speculation».

Shareholders put pressure on the Board of Directors of the software giant, as want to have hired a good expert, capable of change – as Alan Mulally or the Executive Director of Sciences Corp’s Mike Lawrie. Some shareholders insist on the resignation of Bill gates from the position of Chairman of the company because it allegedly interferes with the radical changes that need to happen.

Microsoft remains a profitable company, which refutes the skepticism of Wall Street and every quarter reports on the growth of revenues and profit but may not succeed in the field of mobile technology. The strategies followed by Ballmer, was associated with the Surface tablets, and Xbox and the transformation of important software services available via the Internet. Investors believe that the new CEO should not follow this strategy, and are afraid that if Ballmer and gates will retain their seats on the Board of Directors, they will continue to exert its influence on the company.

На место Балмера рассматриваются руководители Ford, Nokia, Skype и Azure

Alan Mulally is the main «culprit» of the revival of Ford. Information on his departure is still there, and he has repeatedly stated that it intends to fulfil its contract, which expires at the end of 2014 But according to insiders, he is open to new suggestions and can leave if I get a really good offer.

Elop is not a new name in Microsoft. Prior to his appointment to the position of CEO of Nokia in 2010, he headed the software division for corporate clients. And although it is considered as an external candidate, Elop will return to the company after the deal with Nokia.

: Reuters

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