Import bookmarks from Opera to Google Chrome

By | 10.12.2018

Import bookmarks from Opera to Google Chrome

In the era of high technology software is constantly updated. In this regard, many users eventually decide to replace their usual applications to the more sophisticated. However, there remains one problem – the transfer of all information.

The browser developers have taken care of that bookmarks (and other information) saved in a common format. This makes it easy to transfer such data collected from a variety of developers.

Why do you transfer bookmarks

Everyone wants to use the familiar tools of the Internet. Over the years, everyone accumulates a lot of interesting and useful bookmarks.

However, there comes a time when there is a need to update the browser. So who want to switch to Google chrome, no real problem importing all information.

In particular, you can migrate the following:

  • bookmarks. All sites can be easily migrated to a new browser;
  • site customizations;
  • passwords (saved sites). Maintaining such data, you can protect yourself from unnecessary procedures input;

Thus, switching to another browser can be carried out without any problems.

Export from Opera

To produce exports from the Opera should be translated information into HTML format. Don’t be afraid, it does not require knowledge of programming languages.

Everything is done as simply as possible, namely:

  • open Opera;
  • click on the main menu (the red letter «O» in the upper left corner);
  • this will open a list of options, among them select «Bookmarks»;

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

  • opens an additional tab, where you select the item «manage bookmarks»;
  • this procedure can be performed much easier: pressing the Shift+Ctrl+V;
  • so I opened the control window. It must find the item «file»;
  • it looking for the tab «export as HTML». This means that the information is automatically saved in this format. It is very convenient, as it is read by many programs (including office);

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

  • left to specify the location in which to store the declared file. You will also need to give it a name, however, it is possible to leave standard;
  • at the end press the button «save».

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

Tip: experts recommend to particularly important information (for example passwords) stored exclusively on removable media. The fact that the information stored in the browser are «a tasty morsel for hackers and Trojans.

How to import bookmarks from Opera to Chrome

In the end, all the information we have stored in the file in HTML format. What’s next? Fortunately, the import of bookmarks from Opera to Google Chrome is as simple as possible. And it does not require any special software.

Why very slow computer? The causes here.

Panel setup and control

This procedure is carried out by means of the main menu of Google Chrome.

Do the following:

  • open the browser. We find in the upper left corner button of the main menu (it is an element with three grey stripes);
  • this will open the main menu, where you should find the item «bookmarks»;

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

  • there will be a large list of possible items, including select «bookmark Manager»;
  • in this section we find the «reorder»;

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

  • next, open the «import bookmarks from HTML file»;

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

  • looking for a previously saved file and open it by clicking on the appropriate button;

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

  • as a result, all information is integrated in a new browser.

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

The key combination CTRL+SHIFT+O

The above-described manipulation is mainly applied in cases where an older browser installed in the Portable mode. (portable, that is, the uninstalled version).

If fully installed, it is possible to do much simpler:

  • open Google Chrome. Press simultaneously Ctrl+Shift+O. Instead, it is possible to write in the address bar chrome:bookmarks;

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

  • opens the selection menu of the browser from which you will transfer information;

Tip: you can choose several options. This method it is possible to import from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Yandexи;

  • by choosing Opera, click «OK»;

    Импорт закладок из Opera в Google Chrome

  • after a few seconds all the information will be transferred automatically.

As you can see, jump from one browser to another is not such a difficult task. The recommendations presented above will help to «take» all your favourite bookmarks.

This will enable to process a software update, because all data will be saved.

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