iFixit took apart the Surface Pro 3. Forget about repairing or replacing components tablet

By | 10.12.2018

iFixit took apart the Surface Pro 3. Forget about repairing or replacing components of the tablet

The guys from iFixit are always ready to show what is hidden inside the case fresh tech products. This time they devoted their attention to the long-awaited tablet, which recently went on sale in the United States. We’re talking about Surface Pro 3 being subject to the inevitable disassembly procedures that allowed iFixit to look at the internal components and to assess the maintainability index of the product.

With the third version of the Surface Pro Microsoft managed to «squeeze» the hardware in the case. As a result, the thickness of the tablet was only 9.1 mm. of Course, everything has its price, and in the case of the Surface Pro 3 this has been achieved without any compromise from the point of view of structural strength, quality of materials and finishes, but access to the components or their replacement is a daunting task for anyone (even professional).

The photo below eloquently. Despite the experience of iFixit, the protective glass of the display was permanently damaged during disassembly.

iFixit разобрали Surface Pro 3. Забудьте о ремонте или замене компонентов планшета

In its final decision on the maintainability of the Surface Pro 3 iFixit gave the tablet a rating of 1 out of 10, stressing at the same time, the possibility of (theoretically) replace the SSD. Another important remark is related to the fact that the battery is firmly fixed using a very strong glue. In addition, the display consisting of a protective glass and LCD panel is the most important part of the whole structure at the stage of disassembly, but a lot of the glue that holds it all together, very difficult access to major components.

In General, if you are planning to buy Pro 3 with the hope to replace the SSD «more», or perform another operation from the category of DIY will be better if you put this idea aside.

If you need detailed information on disassembling a Surface Pro 3, visit iFixit.

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