If you have forgotten the password of wifi router — step by step guide

By | 10.12.2018

If you have forgotten the password of wifi router — step by step instructions

The key to access the network or page the network administrator, lost, do not despair. There is a possibility to restore them. This article will help you in solving this problem.

The default passwords for routers

Every wi-fi router operates on the basis of access data for the Internet and local network, which are the username and password. They are created at the very beginning of use in the early stages of configuring network equipment. The username is always the same word in Latin is «admin» and password could be admin, 1234, 123, 0000.

Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

Also the password doesn’t need to exist. And for operator Kyivstar possible that such a login.

Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

In any case, not to test your luck and do not waste time in vain on a random selection, you should look into the registration certificate of the router, which is included and may appear in the form of a booklet. If router got to the user as a used item and registration certificate is not available, is to ask your friends, acquaintances or relatives who use the network device produced by the same manufacturer, since the login and password will be the same.

Factory settings

At the initial setup stage after the introduction of the standard credentials, the user will be offered the opportunity to change the username and password to difficulties logging on to the domain by unauthorized users. Ie on the screen of the computer interface will display all the necessary data, as well as tips for forming the «access key», which includes a username and password.

Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

After completing this stage, the user will be prompted to create a local network, automatically connecting to the Internet for the convenience of working in the future. We should not confuse the username and password to access the local network based on the router, and the Internet, because it is two different things.

Forgot password from the router what to do

What to do if forgot password from the router is an ordinary question of many users who forgot or lost their data. How to be in this situation? To restore the key easy. It all depends on the password and login which network was lost. If the case is in a local network, ie your router, there are no 2.serious difficulties, to restore it.

Video: reset password interface router TP-Link

If the user has forgotten the password Wi Fi router, it is necessary to proceed as follows:

  1. in the lower right corner of the toolbar on the desktop, you must find the icon in the form of a ladder or monitor;
  2. if these icons are not visible on the panel, you need the icon with two boxes that is next to display the current language on the keyboard (EN or EN);
  3. after the appearance of the previously described required label it is necessary to direct the cursor on it and press the left mouse button;
  4. after the appearance of the list of available connections to send the course to the line, which indicates the home network, and click the right mouse button;

    Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

  5. in the small window that appears, select «properties»;
  6. in the new opened window «properties» in the security tab put a tick next to «show characters»;

    Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

  7. in the same window, in the lines with the dots will indicate the login and password input into the router.

How to reset router username and password if they are required to log on to the Internet?

In case of loss of data for the use of the resources of the world wide web requires the following procedure:

  1. to go to the ip address of the router;
  2. after logging in to configure a network device, you must select the tab «Internet»;

    Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

  3. in the updated interface window will appear with various options, one of which will be the username and password to log in to the Internet;
  4. if the data login and password are not visible, and instead indicated asterisks or dots in the rows parameter, you need to find below the option «show characters» and put the box next to it.

    Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

Thus, the user has the opportunity to correct the situation without outside help.

Recovery domain administrator

In addition to those users who have lost data on access to the local network and the Internet, there are those who manage to lose access to the admin page (home page of the router). In this case, there is no chance to recover the lost information and to change settings of the network device. Forums often appears a question like: «I forgot the admin username and password. How can I be?». Simply make a factory reset in the network device and re-create a new local network.

To reset the settings of the router just press and maintain in this position for some seconds the button on the rear panel.

Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

The lights on the front panel of the device will be off for a while and then working again. The button itself is located in a small hole to prevent accidental resetting, and click on it only if an additional device, which may be a match, needle, pin, etc.

Recovery methods

The settings of router won’t do any good if the user loses the keys to access the admin page, the router of the local network and the Internet. Thus, each of the access keys will recover differently. The main methods are hardware and software.

The method of hardware access recovery involves checking the options on the home page of the router, and the software relies on the use of a software registry and special production applications, scanning all the information on the computer about using the Internet.

Hardware recovery in a network at least requires a login and password to the administrative page where you formed all the options and settings of local network and Internet connection. To log on to the admin page you must type in the address bar of the Internet browser ip-address of the manufacturer.

Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

IP address can be found on a sticker located on the bottom of the router.

If it is not, then the home addresses of the routers are as follows:

  1. D-link
  2. Zyxel
  3. Asus is
  4. Netgear is
  5. TPlink

After entering the appropriate address router’s user interface opens with many settings and network settings. In order to read the data on a local network, you must enter the tab «local network». Also, this tab may be called wi-fi network or have similar names.

Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

Then the user must find the setting «wpa key». Opposite him will be the password to access the router.

The password access router is not everything. In addition to the key entering the local network may be necessary login details in domain provider. These data are also specified in the settings of the network device.

To do this, after fixing the data about the access to local network required to go to the tab «Internet», which will include not only the parameters and connectivity technology, but also the data input to the Internet.

Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

Most often, the username and password are located next to «account setup» or «setup connection».

Vostanovlenie utility(program)

Besides the hardware way of eliminating problems of loss of identity when you log on to the Internet and the local network, there are software. It is used by professional users and not good in the beginning. Thus, it will require the participation of the second user with a higher level of knowledge in this area.

When the software method uses the following working applications that help to restore the necessary data for logins and passwords:

  1. Dialupass;
  2. Remote Desktop PassView;
  3. RouterPassView;
  4. WirelessKeyView;
  5. Wireless Password Recovery.

Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

And that’s not the whole list. By themselves, these programs are the Amateur developments and not the result of works professional teams, so interfejs these programs are not always convenient and understandable to the beginner. But if the user still decided to separate action, he needs to be prepared for the fact that most of the references to similar work apps can contain malicious software.

Throughout the specialized program to search for and detect the username and password from the network the computer should run anti-virus software with the maximum possible set of functions in order to prevent infecting your personal computer and damage or theft of personal data.

Operation of such programs based on the basic principles of the functioning of the operating system which, in turn, captures each step of the user in the electronic information space. This forms the registry describing all actions performed for the last time. They will be stored in encrypted files until, until you complete all the memory on the hard disk.

To open the files is impossible without special knowledge and skills. None known to many users of the program will not be able to read them and to give the required information on the computer screen. In this case, and the need for special applications that help to disclose encrypted usernames and passwords.

After the appropriate use of the program a PC owner can continue to use both local and Internet network. But we must not forget that all the keys of access to the networks need to maintain mandatory as a regular file with printed text, and in writing, to continue to experience significant difficulties in the connection.

Video: installing and configuring a Wi-Fi router

The recommendations of the professionals

To prevent the loss of the access data in the local network and the Internet for novice users it is recommended to take the following actions:

  1. during the setup and install drivers for network hardware the program will prompt you to save to the desktop PC file with the backup data for access;
  2. after you create a data access to the network file must be copied to removable media and to make another copy in any other folder;
  3. after copying the files, you must manually record on paper all the necessary usernames and passwords from the network.

In addition, do not forget that the keys also available for viewing on the user’s computer, nastraevaemaya router. These data can be seen in the network properties. To do this, find the icon for the network connection on the taskbar on the desktop in the lower right corner.

Then direct the cursor on the name of the home network and press the right button. The appearance of the new window select «properties» and in the next new window there you will see all the necessary keys.

The use of these tips will reduce the likelihood of a complete loss of relevant information for local Internet.

Question – answer:

How to see wifi password in Windows?

To view the password from access in a wireless local area network in Windows, you need:

  1. direct the mouse cursor on the desktop panel in the lower right corner of the label in the form of a ladder and press «Mouse1»;
  2. in the list of possible connections find your network, to direct the mouse cursor on this row and press «Mouse2»;
  3. next, select «properties» and in the new window that opens click the «security» tab and see the password in the «network security key».

    Если забыл пароль от wifi роутера - пошаговая инструкция

Is there a way to recover the network security key?

Security key for access in local network restore easy. Just go to the admin page and in the settings find the line «security key», which will set the access password.

How to know the username and password if lost?

In order to know the username and password to access the Internet page of the administrator or LAN network, you should use specialized software (every file, Remote Desktop PassView RouterPassView) that can find the required data in the encrypted file the history of use of the network.

This information can also be found on the home page of the router, if not lost the keys to access it.

What to do if forgot password of Wi-Fi (wifi) router?

If the user forgets the password of the wi-fi router, you must use specialized software to read encrypted information (every file, Remote Desktop PassView, Router Pass View). But if the programs don’t help, need to reset device settings to factory defaults using the push of a button, which is located on the rear panel of the router. Next, you must reconfigure the network hardware and the network itself

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