IDC predicts hybrid triumph Windows

By | 10.12.2018

IDC predicts hybrid triumph Windows

IDC предсказывает гибридный триумф Windows

According to world-renowned research company, in the next few years, Windows will dominate the segment for so-called detachables class of convertible devices with detachable tablet and keyboard section. We are talking about the analogues of the most popular Surface series from Microsoft, which, according to analysts in a few years will be the main drivers of sales growth in the tablet market.

Although in 2016, IDC predicts a decrease of supply by 5.9%, in the next year in this segment of the mobile industry will start recovery, the analysis of the company. This is largely the merit of devices like the Google Pixel C, Apple iPad Pro and of course the Microsoft Surface. However, the proportion of hybrids based on Windows will prevail – more than 53.3% of the tablets in this class will work under control of operational system from Microsoft.

The basis for such a forecast provides application producers to participate in this segment. So, for example, at the end of February, the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2016 has become the place where was declared a number of new players, including Alcatel and Huawei, which introduced its Windows tablet with keyboard. According to IDC, this occurs in response to the growing needs of the market in hybrid devices, which are gradually replacing traditional laptops and desktop computers.

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