Huawei continues to make smartphones with Windows Phone

By | 10.12.2018

Huawei continues to make smartphones with Windows Phone

The Chinese from Huawei don’t care about the deal between Nokia and Microsoft, has announced that it will continue to produce smartphones with the Windows Phone operating system. Huawei is one of the few companies that support the mobile platform from Microsoft. Basically, the company relies on Android, but they do not intend to abandon the devices with WP.

This statement was made by Richard Rehn in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, which is responsible for the consumer electronics division of Huawei in Europe. According to him, Huawei is a strategic partner of Microsoft and continues to work on new smartphones with Windows Phone.

Once again let me remind you that for the first time about the deal between Microsoft and Nokia was announced in the first days of September. The software giant will buy the mobile division of Nokia for 5.44 billion euros. This is not only disappointed many fans of the Finnish company, but also led to unrest in the ranks of the already small number of hardware partners for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Many were convinced that the result of the transaction, Microsoft will be the only smartphone manufacturer for its own operating system, but Huawei’s statement gives hope that it is not so.

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