How to Windows 10 to restore the old personalization panel

By | 10.12.2018

As for Windows 10 to restore the old panel personalization

The migration process tools operating system settings from the control Panel in the app Settings began in Windows 8. In the new Windows 10 for a list of migrated components has grown significantly. For example, in «Settings» was a panel of personalization, by the way, radically redesigned designers Microsoft.

However, not all users of such changes relished. Some of them would prefer to deal with a classic panel. Well, now, please. Is there a utility that’ll help to bring back the old familiar panel personalization. This program is called Personalization panel for Windows 10.

It’s free, has a small weight and does not require installation. Run this utility and you will see the personalize pane who knew her before – comfortable and unsophisticated. From the main window Personalization panel for Windows 10 you can change the current theme, choose Wallpaper for your desktop, screen saver, change the system sounds and the color of your window borders.

Note: any modifications to system files the utility produces and the component pane of personalization does not change. When it is called via the context menu of the desktop, it will continue to open through universal application Options.

Further utility supported quick access settings, desktop icons, mouse pointer, task panes, and accessibility. The utility also has the option to «Make text color» but it changes nothing, and sends the user to a web page with a detailed description of this procedure.

Download the program for free on the developer’s site By default, the utility starts with the English interface, but in settings, you can also choose and Russian.

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