How to use notifications in Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

How to use notifications in Windows 10

If you have already installed and are using Windows 10, you couldn’t help but notice something new that distinguishes the new operating system from Windows 7 or 8.1. In this particular case we are talking about the little icon in the system tray that opens a sidebar with notifications.

Users of smartphones or tablets is familiar with the idea of notifications very well. Moreover, they regularly take advantage of the notification system for several years, but for desktops it’s something completely new.

In this article I will talk about notifications in Windows 10: you will learn how to open, view, and clean them.

How to open «notification Center» in Windows 10

The new operating system informs about all the things happening on the device showing the pop-up panels in the lower right corner of the screen.

Как использовать уведомления в Windows 10

The notifications appear for a few seconds, but they are all stored in the «notification Center» where you can watch them at any time.

To access a notification system in several ways. If you are using a normal desktop computer, simply click on the corresponding icon in the system tray.

Как использовать уведомления в Windows 10

In addition, there is another way, even faster: simultaneously press Win + A and the panel notification will instantly appear in your field of view.

On your tablet or other device with a touch screen notifications you can open by swiping from the right side of the screen.

What notifies Windows 10

In fact, the «notification Center» consists of two sections: one for notifications and one for so-called «quick actions».

Как использовать уведомления в Windows 10

Quick actions are a very important part of the new operating system, so they deserve a separate article which I will write soon.

Returning to our main topic, it should be noted that Windows 10 notifies disparate events on the computer:

  • Security and maintenance: the operating system will immediately notify you of the change security settings or maintenance tasks.
  • Parameters: you will receive a notification whenever the computer will occur an important change from the point of view of system parameters.
  • Application: application to which it is permitted, will also be sent their notification in the notification area. For example, such alert you will see when you receive email or when approaching some of the events noted in the calendar.
  • Other events: the operating system notifies the connected USB drives or optical discs.

Как использовать уведомления в Windows 10

All the notifications had met me, but it is important to note that there may be other types, and almost certainly that’s the way it is.

How to view notification

Clicking on the notification executes the corresponding task. For example, if you click on a notification about a new email, Windows 10 will automatically open it in Mail app. Another example: if the notice relates to any setting, system will open the Settings app and takes you to the section where a particular parameter.

Sometimes the notification may contain too much information, so in order to see its contents completely, you need to tap on the small arrow to the right of it.

Как использовать уведомления в Windows 10

How to remove the notification

If the notification was revealed that Windows 10 will remove it from «notification Center» automatically. However, the system allows you to delete those alerts that have not been opened. To do this, click the X (close) in the upper right corner of the notification.

Как использовать уведомления в Windows 10

There are other ways of closing individual: for example, you can hover the mouse cursor over the notification and click the Delete key on the keyboard, or click and hold to drag the notification to the right.

How to delete all notifications at once

To clear the «notification Center», click «Clear all» in the upper right corner of the panel.

Как использовать уведомления в Windows 10

After that all alerts are immediately removed, and the «notification Center» will simply say «no New notifications».


«Notification center» in Windows 10 is an improved performance similar to the function «action Center» in Windows Phone 8.1. Moreover – this is the part of Microsoft about «Windows everywhere». In other words, it is a universal system, which by design will be synced between all user’s devices, which is Windows 10 tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop computer. That is, for example, received on the smartphone the new message notification, say in Twitter or Facebook, you will see it on your computer. In General, a function quite useful.

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