How to use «magnifier» in Windows 7 and Windows 8

By | 10.12.2018

How to use the «magnifier» in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Windows has a very useful tool called «magnifier» which allows you to zoom in on different areas of the screen. In this article you will learn how to access this tool, how to use, how to configure it and finally how to make sure that it starts together with the operating system.

Note: the tool «Screen magnifier» is available in all editions of Windows 7 except Windows 7 Starter. In Windows 8 it is available in all editions.

How to open a «magnifier» in Windows 8

In Windows 8 go to start screen and type the word «magnifier». Then click on tool in the search results.

Как использовать «Экранную лупу» в Windows 7 и Windows 8

Also the magnifying glass can be accessed through «control Panel». To do this go to «control Panel» -> «Special features» and click «Turn on magnifier».

Как использовать «Экранную лупу» в Windows 7 и Windows 8

How to open a «magnifier» in Windows 7

One way: open «start menu -> All programs -> Accessories -> accessibility -> magnifier».

Another way: type the word «magnifier» in the search field in the start menu and start the tool via the search results.

Как использовать «Экранную лупу» в Windows 7 и Windows 8

As in the case of Windows 8, you can open the «magnifier» via «control Panel».

How to use the «magnifier»

When you run the tool, the screen image will be automatically increased by 200%.

In Windows 7 magnifier looks like the screenshot below.

The functionality of the magnifying glass is identical in both operating systems.

If after starting you will not use the tool for 5 seconds, its interface will take the appearance of a magnifying glass, as in the image below. If you click in the center of the magnifying glass, the tool will return to its previous appearance.

To adjust the zoom level available only two buttons («+» for increase and «-» to zoom out).

The tool also provides several types of scaling («full screen», «Zoom» and «Fixed»). They are available in «Types».

Как использовать «Экранную лупу» в Windows 7 и Windows 8

In full-screen mode increases the full area of the screen. This mode is used by default.

In the «Magnification» increases only the area around the mouse pointer and moving the pointer is enlarged area of the screen moves along with it. See the picture below to get a clearer picture of this mode.

Как использовать «Экранную лупу» в Windows 7 и Windows 8

In Docked mode, the screen is divided into two parts. The upper part shows the zoomed area of the screen, and the bottom normal.

Как использовать «Экранную лупу» в Windows 7 и Windows 8

Note: in Windows 7, the modes «full screen» and «Zoom» will only work if you enable the Aero Glass effect and you are using a theme which supports this effect. Otherwise you only see a Docked mode.

How to set the «magnifier»

To configure the magnifying glass you first need to click on «Settings».

In the dialog box «magnifier Options» you will get the following options:

  • «Turn on color inversion» – activates the high contrast theme when using the magnifier. By default, this option is disabled.
  • «Follow mouse cursor» – displays the area around the mouse cursor in the magnification window.
  • «Follow the keyboard focus» – shows the area around the cursor when pressing arrow keys.
  • «Magnifier follow the text insertion point» – shows the area around the text that you type.

The slider allows you to set how much will change the screen size when you increase or decrease the zoom. Maximum 400%, minimum 25%.

Как использовать «Экранную лупу» в Windows 7 и Windows 8

When set to «Increase» the options window allows you to move the slider to adjust the size of the lens of a magnifying glass as shown below.

Как использовать «Экранную лупу» в Windows 7 и Windows 8

After completing the settings, remember to click the «OK» button to apply them.

How to set the magnifier to start with Windows

If you use the «magnifier» on a regular basis, it would be better if you make it so that it automatically runs whenever the computer is turned on. To do this, open «control Panel» and navigate to «accessibility -> optimization of the image on the screen.»

Next, find the section «zooming the screen». Check the box next to «Turn on magnifier» and click «OK».

Как использовать «Экранную лупу» в Windows 7 и Windows 8

Now each time you start the computer magnifier will start automatically. To disable automatic startup, just uncheck the option «Turn on magnifier».

Useful hot keys

Those who prefer to control the computer with the keyboard, I would like to share useful keyboard shortcuts for «magnifier»:

  • Win + plus sign (+) or a minus sign ( — ) to increase or decrease the scale;
  • Ctrl +Alt + space show the mouse pointer;
  • Ctrl + Alt + F – toggles «full screen»;
  • Ctrl + Alt + L – toggles the zoom;
  • Ctrl + Alt + D switches the mode «Fixed»;
  • Ctrl + Alt + I – invert colors;
  • Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys – move in direction of arrow keys;
  • Ctrl + Alt + R – resize the lens;
  • Win + Esc – exit from the «magnifier».


Magnifier – friendly and easy to use app that helps people with low vision when using a PC or tablet. If you can offer your tips for working with this application can you tell us about them in the comments below.

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