How to unload and speed up your computer

By | 10.12.2018

How to unload and speed up computer

You know what annoys me most in experienced users? That when they are asked to give a specific answer to a specific question, they respond so florid and unclear text, which, probably, do not understand that answer. It really surprises me since «tea» has absolutely no idea what DDR, HDD, Protocol, memory dump, etc. How is he then to understand the answer of the experienced user? For example, the most common question «dummies»: «Tell me, please: how do I know which services I need and which are not? Thanks in advance for your answer.» But the most common answer from experienced user: «so, look: you need to disable those services that you never use. They are in the «control Panel». All, good luck!» «Comprehensive» answer, isn’t it? Not true! That’s why I decided to write an article on the subject of services that you need to turn off, as of no use for the «tea» they just don’t carry, but only taking up place and time upon boot. So, I explain on fingers.

How to unload and speed up computer by disabling unused services

To get to the menu of services, it is necessary to pass at the following location: «start» — «control Panel» — «Performance and maintenance» — «administrative tools». When you get to the «Administration», then choose the word «Service». Click on «Services» and you got there. where it is necessary: to the citadel management (services management console on your computer — it’s scientific). You have two kinds of browsing: «Standard» and «Advanced». I recommend to choose «Advanced» mode in this mode, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the services: when you hover over the service you will open a window with a detailed report about why this service is needed. Now, what services should be disabled.

Как разгрузить и ускорить компьютер

Here is a list of those services that, in my opinion, not needed for «dummies»:

  1. QoS RSVP — this service provides mailing of notifications in networks and manages the local traffic. Disable it for two reasons: first, it is used very rarely, and secondly, it steals bandwidth;
  2. Telnet — this service allows a REMOTE user to log in and control it. We strongly recommend to disable this service, as it is not useful (I doubt that if you’re a beginner, you are able to have remote access);
  3. Wireless setup — if you have a regular «wired» Internet, then why this service? Unplug and be done with it;
  4. Spooler print you have a printer? No? Then service that you to anything off;
  5. Uninterruptible power supply — do you have this one? No? Then unplug;
  6. Task scheduler — if you’ve never run the schedule program, then disable this service safely;
  7. Remote registry — this service allows REMOTE users to change registry settings on your computer. Works by default, but it would be better if you turn it off.

But now I see your question: «how off?» Friends, all are considered «course of the young fighter», you’ll see. To disable not needed services do this: by choosing not the desired service, click on it with the LEFT mouse button two times. A window will open where You will see «startup Type». Click on the arrow near the word «Manual». The winning list: «Auto», «Manual» «Disabled». Select «Disabled» and click on «OK». So turn off all of the above services. By the way, so you will speed up the boot time of the computer.

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