How to test microphone with headphones

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How to check the microphone in the headphones

To start working with sound equipment is usually sufficient just to connect it to the connector. But often there are some problems with the implementation of record – that can be a lot of reasons. They can be solved in various ways, in most cases, this is not a big problem.

The reasons why may not work the device

There are several main reasons why may not work considering the device. They can be divided into hardware and software.

Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

Hardware includes:

  • the failure of a connection cord;
  • socket for connection not in working condition;
  • electronic components damaged or not working correctly.

    Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

Software errors that hinder the conversation in Skype or other applications, to troubleshoot much easier.

The presence of such problems due to:

  • incorrectly installed codecs or drivers.
  • the various conflicts between the already installed programs.

To correct software errors need only to implement its re-installation.

Connecting to a PC

To implement the connection of the considered equipment to the computer you must have specifically intended interface.

Today the connection is carried out in two ways:

  • using a 3.5 mm Jack is located on the designated Board;

    Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

  • via the USB interface.

Connector diameter of 3.5 mm is the most common. Today he is present in almost all the art, equipped with the ability to playback and record. To implement the connection simply insert the plug into the connector. It is marked by it’s pink or red.

Most modern models do not require installation of any additional drivers or codecs. Most often, enough standard supplied with the operating system (Windows XP or Windows 7).

Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

Some problems sometimes occur when connecting via a USB interface. Since these devices usually are professional equipment designed for Studio recording. And, accordingly, require specialized software. It comes to digital media, it can also be downloaded from the Internet.

If necessary, you can use a special USB adapter-3.5 mm.

Video: microphone Not working in windows 7

Methods of testing

There are some ways of testing not through a dedicated website, and by using already installed on the computer operating system and other software:

  • section «audio settings»Windows;
  • in the option «recording»;
  • through the program Skype.

All these methods help to ensure the health of the device, and to determine how well it senses and records vibrations in the air. Since when using the option «recording», you can listen to the sound recorded by the system.

In the sound settings of Windows

One of the ways to diagnose performance in Windows 7 – go to control panel in a section called «Sound».

Next, you need to perform in a strict order of actions:

  1. open the standard program «Record»;

    Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

  2. make sure that near the connected equipment is a green check mark;
  3. highlight the desired item and click «Properties»;
  4. make sure that:
  • o select the appropriate controller;
  • o under «device usage» select «Use this device»;

    Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

  • o in the tab «Listen» to tick «listen to this device».

    Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

If the operation fails to execute successfully, and the recording quality is fully satisfied, then, the device is configured and connected properly. Also, this method allows to verify the earphone or speakers through which the sounds are played.

Option «Enable»

Another reliable way to verify the MIC in the headphones on the computer – use the option that allows for the persistence of the sounds from the connected device. This application is just enough to find.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • click «start»;
  • go to «All programs»;
  • open the tab «Standard»;
  • click on the «sound Recorder» (Windows 7).

After the implementation of all the above actions will open a window that contains a button called «Start recording». Clicking on it, you can record the perceived computer sounds. After recording, a window will appear allowing you to save the recorded data.


If necessary, you can quite easily check the sound recording through a program of communication called «Skype».

To do this:

  • going into the application, you should find the item «Tools»->»Settings»;
  • in the left half of the window that opens you should find the category of «audio setting»;
  • under «Microphone» should be selected the right equipment to check.

    Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

After all above steps done, you should make a test call in Skype.

This can be done in the following way:

  • you sign in to Skype;
  • in the contact list, should find an Echo (also, this contact can be called SkypeTestCall, SoundTestService);
  • then click the button «Call» — it is located on the panel call

If the verification is in the normal mode, and all instructions auto service are able to perform without difficulty, the microphone is fully functional.

How to check microphone in the headphones online

In the absence of any specialized software for working with music, you can take advantage of special services diagnostic recording device online, via the Internet. This can be done by using special sites that work with such devices.

Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

For diagnostics of this kind you must have a good connection to the Internet. This will allow you to perform this action with a minimum loss of time and comfort.

The most popular site for diagnosis — Log in using any browser. On the page the user will see a big green button.

You must do the following:

  • click on «test online»;
  • tick the box next to «enable»;
  • to verify the presence of oscillations in the chart.

The presence of jumps of the diagram suggests that the hardware is at fault.

Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

Does the microphone

Universal device to test the device in question is a multimeter. Quite often, many devices are equipped with batteries. And the lack of voltage at the contacts which may be one of the causes of failure. To test the performance of the batteries is very easy – simply measure the voltage between the positive pole and negative. It should be nominal.

Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

Also with a multimeter you can just check the voltage at the terminals of the plug. For this you will need to disassemble it. Voltage measurement should be performed between two terminals: common and any channel. Most often used only one channel – left. So the black probe should be installed on the center pin and the red on the side.

In the presence of nominal voltage between these two contacts, which is usually about 1-3 (C) depending on modifications, it can be concluded that the device is working properly. It is also possible to check the amount of contacts passing through the current – it should be approximately 1-3 mA.

Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

Despite the fact that the current and voltage flowing through the contacts of the plug are small, you should be extremely careful when implementing the measurements. Since there is always the risk of damaging electronic components.

Reasons why the recording sound device can not work, a great many. But most of the problems with the functioning arise from the software. Such troubles are addressed fairly simply by reinstallation of codecs, drivers or other components. It is much harder to repair or check hardware. This requires some skill.

Как проверить микрофон в наушниках

But, nevertheless, most of the action is not a big deal. To implement them will be able most confident computer users working with this technique. Thus, to eliminate the malfunction of the microphone is relatively simple, only need to devote sufficient time to the process and to show care.

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