How to take screenshots in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

By | 09.12.2018

How to take screenshots in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

Creation of screenshots in Windows Phone has been a problem, at least until Windows Phone 8. Now this task can be done with ease by pressing two buttons on your phone. However, in Windows Phone 8.1 the process of taking screenshots has changed a bit. To learn how to take screenshots in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, read this guide.

Note: if you have a smartphone with Windows Phone 7.5 or 7.8 you won’t be able to take screenshots. This feature is missing in these versions of the operating system.

Taking screenshots in Windows Phone 8

To take a screenshot, simultaneously press and hold the Windows key and the power button. You will then hear a click, notifying you that the screenshot was made. To view captured screenshots go to Photos app. There go to «Albums» and then «screen Shots».

When you connect your phone to the computer screenshots are automatically synchronized with all the photos. They are saved as PNG files.

Taking screenshots in Windows Phone 8.1

If you follow the above procedure in Windows Phone 8.1, you will not be able to take a screenshot. When you try to get a screenshot using the method from Windows Phone 8, you will see a warning that the shortcut was changed.

To take screenshots in Windows Phone 8.1, press and hold the power button and press increase the volume level.

Why Microsoft changed the key combination in Windows Phone 8.1?

The fact that Windows Phone 8.1 supports smart phones with no hardware keys below the screen like the Lumia 630, for example. Thus, they will not and Windows button, which is on all smartphones with Windows Phone 8. To preserve this feature, Microsoft had to change the button combination for taking screenshots, so that it worked on all devices.

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