How to take a screenshot of the picture using the program Joxi

By | 10.12.2018

How to take a screenshot of the picture using the program Joxi

It often happens that in order to have something to show, to explain, but «explain on the fingers», you need to make a screenshot. Then those who see him, will know what You show them. Screenshots can be done using different programs, and this article will consider one of them, namely Joxi.

Find in the Internet the program Joxi (, download and install it on your computer following the prompts. Here everything is simple. After installation on Your desktop the shortcut appears with a bird at the bottom.

Now open the desired picture you want to capture in a screenshot. Use mouse to click on the bird icon at the bottom of the screen.

You will sign in where you choose whether you want to remove the screen completely, or a separate part. Click on the desired area of the plate, choosing a «fragment» or «screen».

Как сделать скриншот картинки с помощью программы Joxi

If you want to keep, any area of the screen, click in the label «fragment» or «screen». You have the whole screen darkens, and a white line appears. Placing the mouse over them, You stretch necessary to display the part that will take a screenshot.

On-line control panel You will see various icons. Using the arrows, if you click on it and hold, drag to highlight, you can mark the desired location on the selected picture. With a pencil you can draw anything or write. There is an opportunity to draw the oval or rectangle. Can type text next to the selection.

Experiment with different variations. When you decide that that is what You want to save, click on the checkbox (it is blue on the left panel tools applets).

Your screenshot is preserved in a vault, but not on the computer. If you want to save to your computer, you need to click the bird icon at the bottom of the screen, right-click and in the displayed label, go to the «History».

Find the screenshot as usual and save in the desired location on your computer. That’s all. Further you can upload, forward, or display it as you see fit.

The program Joxi may not has more functionality, but You mail not images as such, but references to them. So Joxi’s great to save space on the hard drive of Your computer. And yet, You can store the desired screenshot on your computer and in the storage of the service Joxi.

The program is free. It is easy even for a beginner. After taking a few screenshots, You will make them in just a few seconds.

Using screenshots is often very convenient to show the goods, just removing the images. Communication can take a screenshot of the screen and then the interlocutor will see that in the moment in front of You.

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