How to take a picture using web camera on laptop

By | 10.12.2018

How to take a picture using webcam on laptop

Any modern camera intended for video capture, but their main purpose is also able to perform the functions of the camera. If we are not talking about getting professional images Studio-quality, it can be removed and built-in webcam laptop.

For the novice user taking pictures through the integrated camera can be a difficult task. Unlike many models of discrete devices for PCs equipped with a button for shooting, and on laptops it is not provided, so users will have to learn other ways of obtaining images.

Simple methods to make a photo

Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

There are several ways that can be mastered by any user:

  • use operating system tools;
  • shooting via Skype;
  • usage optional;
  • the using online services.

Features OS

One of the easiest ways of getting a snapshot is using the program Paint, which can be found in the start menu/All programs/accessories. It comes with the operating system so no installation required:

  • first, you need to run the Paint application;

    Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

  • then use command in main menu «From scanner or camera», which allows to make a screenshot.

This function will be active only if the driver is installed correctly and it supports the Windows image acquisition service. Another way to obtain the require the following actions:

  • to launch the camera from Windows Explorer by double clicking on the icon with the left mouse button;
  • in the top left corner, you can find the function «Make new snapshot» through which the image is copied to the clipboard;
  • start Paint and with the combination of keys «Ctrl» and «V» to paste the image in the working window of the program.
  • after the image appears, it is possible to crop and save to your hard drive.

Unfortunately, the described method only works in Windows XP, and the owners of «seven» will have to use other means. Some laptop manufacturers together with the camera driver put utility with which you can also do a photo, for example, HP. Their program allows you to vary parameters of image size, time of self-timer and some others.

Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке


Despite the fact that this program is intended for live communication, its developers have taken care of the opportunity to take a picture through the webcam on the laptop. In order to do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. open the window of Skype;

    Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

  2. in the open menu tab «Tools»;

    Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

  3. in the pop-up window to activate «video Settings»;
  4. now the monitor can see the image on the camera whose settings can be adjusted using the function «Configure webcam»;
  5. click on the button «Change avatar»;
  6. in the opened tab click «take a picture» and close it;
  7. repeat the action, similar to paragraph 5, but this time using the «Browse» open the folder where you preserved the photo. Now you can copy it to any other place directly from the Explorer window.

    Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке


Most laptop owners are unanimous in the opinion that the quality of the resulting image depends on the software used. They are partly right, after all, specialized programs give much more possibilities for editing than system.

The majority of these programs absolutely or conditionally free, so experiment with them until until they produce acceptable results.

Consider the most popular Live WebCam and Webcam Plus.

Video: Install driver webcam

Live WebCam

It is very comfortable and stable working program with many useful functions. In addition, it is free and you can download it from the developer. Currently available second version of this app.

Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

Installation does not take much time and does not require a lot of disk space. After starting the program the can be done in one click, and then it is saved on the hard disk. It’s simple and doesn’t require much fuss. In addition to taking photos, this program may conduct video surveillance of a selected object in the automatic shooting mode, and built-in motion sensor and the ability to activate other programs (sending a message or an alarm) is able to turn your computer into a full-fledged security system.

If you minimize a window it goes to tray and does not interfere with work with other applications. There is support for cameras with high resolution.

The only observed disadvantage is that the true size photo you can see only in the image viewer, and Live WebCam it was written in the program window.

Webcam Plus!

There are 2 versions of this program: Webcam Plus! and Webcam Plus! lite. The second one is free, albeit slightly stripped-down in functionality. However, for home use it would be sufficient.

Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

To get the pictures, you need to perform the following steps:

  • run the program and verify that the image capture device has appeared in its interface;
  • select the file type in menu File/image Types (just individual images);
  • in the opened window specify the settings of the FTP server the path to the folder, the update interval and the size of the pictures;
  • after saving the settings, click «Web page» and specify the path to save the link to the page from where you can view the resulting image in the browser;
  • once the desired picture is obtained, you can stop the stream and save it to disk.

    Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

Take pictures on web camera on laptop online

This method should appeal to those who are experiencing difficulties in installing software. It requires only the camera itself and connect to the global network. There are many online services that allows you to do all the work in just a few clicks, consider the most popular of them.


Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

When you open the pages of this site, it requests access to the hardware on which you will be shooting.

  • after obtaining access to the center of the screen appears the image and camera settings, allowing you to make regular, serial or animated frames;
  • when you click «snapshot», the timer counts, then the image captured remains on the screen and becomes the active function of «Effects» when referring to where the can handle the different filters. However, their work can be assessed through the thumbnails below the larger photo;
  • after processing, you must save the result by clicking on the appropriate button, then it is possible to place it in social networks, to delete or download to your computer.

    Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке


After opening the page you need to:

  1. click «Go»;
  2. as in the previous case, once the page is open, you need to verify access to the camera;
  3. after refreshing the page appears on the monitor the camera image, which is a menu of shooting settings;
  4. now you need to choose a filter, since the service Pixect provides enhanced post-processing capabilities;
  5. you can now take a snapshot, use the delay or remove the collage by clicking on the corresponding icon;
  6. upon receipt of a satisfactory result photo can be saved, otherwise to return to the previous page and start again.

    Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

Webcam Toy

Despite the «toy» name, the site offers a powerful set of tools for editing and changing settings. When you click on the button resembling a gear wheel, a menu opens, giving the possibility of choosing time countdown, flash and full-screen versions of the photos.

TAK the same as in the previous online service, effects are chosen before shooting, saving results is identical. The obvious advantages of this method of imaging include ease of use, no need to install additional software and processing capabilities. The functioning of these services requires only the Adobe Flash Player, which is almost always already installed.

Как сфоткаться через веб-камеру на ноутбуке

Most laptop users believe the quality of the thus obtained photo acceptable for publication in social networks and save in memory. And those who are not satisfied with the result, should remember that quality is not only a result of the program, but also the size of the matrix of the capture device, his optics lighting of the room where the picture is taken and other factors.

Photographs taken using the webcam, work quickly and do not require high qualifications of the photographer, is required when using cameras.

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