How to speed up Windows

By | 10.12.2018

How to speed up Windows

Your home PC has started to run slowly? There are many possible reasons because of which lost performance.

Here are some tips to resume the previous speed of the computer:

1. How to speed up Windows: Remove unused files and programs.

Windows will run faster if you remove unused programs and files. To remove unnecessary program from your computer, don’t just delete her files, and you need to log in to the install and remove programs and delete from there (START -> settings -> CONTROL PANEL -> add or REMOVE PROGRAMS).

Delete all temporary files, URL history, cookies, form history and files present in the trash can with the free program CCleaner.

2. How to speed up Windows to Do a Defrag of your hard drive.

— Open «My computer»

— Right-click on the drive you want to defragment and select «Properties»

— Go to the tab «Service»

— Click on the «defragment now.»

3. How to speed up Windows: Remove unnecessary programs from startup.

— Click «start» then «Run». Or hit the combination keys of Win (start) + «R».

— In the window that appears, type «msconfig» and click «OK»:

In the window «msconfig», go to the tab «startup» and uncheck the components of the startup:


Use the utility CCleaner to clean the registry, deleting unnecessary programs etc.

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