How to speed up Google Chrome browser

By | 10.12.2018

How to speed up Google Chrome browser

At the time, as soon appeared on the market, Google Chrome was the fastest browser. He now is positioned as the fastest browser, however, if we talk purely about performance, then the market leader has already managed to appear competitors. It’s like his clones, inherited along with the Google Chrome operational efficiency of the platform Chromium browsers on other database engines. Employing the most advanced web technologies does not always go unnoticed for the performance of the software. So today, on Chrome would be more correct to speak of a very advanced, functional and customizable browser than to exploit his image from the past as the most nimble of the web browser. However, if the performance of Chrome, which he gives immediately after its establishment, satisfied, if only she wasn’t lost over time in the extension process, it is a question of optimization.

About optimize browser and go below. How to speed up Google Chrome? Consider a few ways.


  • Hardware upgrade;
  • Page that open along with Chrome;
  • Theme Chrome;
  • Chrome Extension;
  • The maximum number of open tabs;
  • The Chrome work in the background;
  • Disabling phishing protection;
  • Cleaning the cache.
  • 1. Hardware upgrade

    Before proceeding directly to the consideration of optimization methods, the first point we will note the basic and most effective way to improve the performance even Chrome, though any other browser, even the computer in General. We are talking about upgrading computer hardware. Browser from Google is fundamentally important to have enough RAM, because it’s what the browser uses, keeping it in their processes for performance. So if RAM 2 GB (or even less), the first thing it must increase to at least 4 GB. For any browser, it is desirable not to have the most powerful, but at least a modern processor. Old and low-power processors often can not cope with the processing of modern web technologies.

    2. Page that open along with Chrome

    One reason for the rapid launch of Google Chrome is pre-installed in the settings the option to open only one tab of the browser start page, it the page. This situation is inconvenient when constantly working with a browser, and a override open when you run the start page on start up of the previously open tabs. It should be understood that the recovery of the session significantly increases the startup time of the browser. Because one stage will load each previously opened web page. To speed up the launch of Chrome, you can leave the preset option to launch the start page and the current web page or a bookmark before closing the browser, or, if necessary, further open the section «History».

    Settings pages start with the browser, you need to contact if the start page is changed without your knowledge. If she was replaced by another third party software, everything can be brought back in the settings section of Chrome. From the browser menu select «Settings» and then under «At startup open to» set the checkbox on the option «New tab».

    Как ускорить работу браузера Google Chrome

    Как ускорить работу браузера Google Chrome

    3. Theme Chrome

    Standard design theme, which Chrome installed – best option for low-spec computers. Graphics and animation are colorful and spectacular by the fact that in the browser you can install in his shop, consume system resources. The same applies to separately embedded in Chrome Express-quick access toolbars, with visual bookmarking sites. After experimenting with the colors of the window Chrome to the default browser theme, you can return at any time. To do this in the settings section «appearance», click «Restore default theme».

    Как ускорить работу браузера Google Chrome

    4. Chrome Extension

    The potential of Google Chrome lies in its store of extensions and applications. Some of the apps compatible with the mobile Android platform and bring the convenience to users, along with your desktop computer or laptop, also have an Android smartphone or tablet. Using Chrome extensions you can get rid of ads on websites, to work with foreign web resources through technical translation of web pages to optimize search information and to implement in a browser other functionality, and in most cases completely free of charge. But, expanding the capabilities of the browser, however, often lose its performance. Each recessed extension is a separate system process that loads the CPU and RAM. And if the CPU load can be observed only during activity extensions, the RAM they use, and in the process, and in the background. A detailed layout used by extensions of system resources you can get in task Manager in Chrome: in the Chrome menu, select «more tools» and then «task Manager».

    Как ускорить работу браузера Google Chrome

    Manager will see data about the activation of system resources to various tasks. Among these tasks, along with the open tabs and plugins in separate processes will be displayed in the installed browser extensions.

    Как ускорить работу браузера Google Chrome

    And if we are talking about low-power computer, rarely used extensions, which inefficiently consumes memory, it is advisable to disable it. For a moment, to disable and not remove. It is not necessary to remove browser good extension below if you need to look at the pile of content in the Chrome store. Going into the browser settings and go to extensions see the list of installed extensions. Button in the form of a basket next to them removes the extension from your browser forever, and the checkbox next to the inscription «Enabled» allows you to temporarily disable the unused extensions. Disabled extensions remain in the list of browser Extensions, and at any time, you can reactivate by putting a tick near the word «Inclusive».

    Как ускорить работу браузера Google Chrome

    5. The maximum number of open tabs

    Each open Chrome tab consumes memory. And, of course, with the huge amount of simultaneously opened tabs will notice a loss of performance of the browser. Best to in the browser while it was open not more than 10 web pages.

    6. Work Chrome in the background

    Some web services based on Chrome can work as separate applications. These web services interact with the Internet even after you close Chrome, it is installed with a default active background mode of operation. If an individual application such web services are not used, and all work is carried out only within the framework of the browser window, background Chrome, you can disable that its processes do not consume memory. Of course, the meaning of this is, if only periodically, the maximum required power of the computer, such as during gaming or hypervisors. To disable the background work Chrome in two ways. First – you need to click the browser icon in the system tray and in the resulting window, uncheck the permissions of the Chrome work in the background.

    Second – you must sign in your browser settings, at the bottom click «Show advanced settings» and under «System» uncheck the option «do Not disable running in the background services when the browser is closed».

    Как ускорить работу браузера Google Chrome

    7. Disabling phishing protection

    In the settings of Google Chrome, if you open the advanced settings in the «privacy» section, there is an item with pre-installed check activity «Protect your device from dangerous sites.»

    Как ускорить работу браузера Google Chrome

    Removing the check mark from this item will slightly increase load speed of web pages in the browser window, since it will not check for web addresses. However, you must understand that if you disable phishing protection the responsibility falls on the user. This method optimize the browser better to use only experienced users.

    8. Cleaning the cache

    Browsers cache scripts, images, styles, and other elements of web pages stored locally on computer disk and is designed to speed up loading of sites. But when the amount of cache in the extension process increases, it only hurts performance. The browser cache is recommended not often, but periodically, from time to time to clean. To clear the cache in Google Chrome, press Ctrl+ Shift + Delete. See window cleaning browser history, it is by default optimal settings. All of the items in the cache left by the required data, saved passwords, data, web forms auto-complete and content licenses. Everything in Chrome is checked by default, can be removed. To do this, click the «Clear history».

    Как ускорить работу браузера Google Chrome

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