How to solve the problem of cooling the laptop?

By | 10.12.2018

How to solve the problem of cooling the laptop?

Like any other electrical device, a laptop has the ability to heat up. To work perfectly the laptop you want to worry about the discharge tube generated heat. If some reason prevented to do so, then the laptop will last a long time. At first he just starts to falter and fail, then will from time to time off and eventually you will fail. However, there are cases when any item burns out unexpectedly and immediately.

In order for the heat could escape from inside of the laptop, there are holes in the housing and a fan that blows the hot air and replace it on the cooler from the premises. In addition, the cooling system included the radiators, which are mounted such items as video card, processor and others.

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In normal mode, the cooler is pretty quiet, so if he suddenly starts to buzz or make other unusual sounds, immediately react to it. If the fan does not work at all, then it is possible the failure of any of the details. In this case, it will only service, as overheating of the motherboard leads to delamination of the printed tracks, and then the whole Board needs replacement.

If your fan is not equipped graphics card, it can burn and it. The fan is making noise due to wear of the shaft, which leads to the formation of the gap between the bearing and the shaft can penetrate metal shavings and perekleivanie fan. If this happens, cooler repair is useless – it must be replaced. If worn out lubrication, or the shaft hit the dust, to return the fan to work will help lubrication.

Not superfluous to recall that the holes in the enclosure should be regularly cleaned of dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Periodically clean the laptop itself, partially dismantling it. After all, only proper care of the laptop provides a long and meritorious service.

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