How to self-assemble or upgrade a gaming computer?

By | 10.12.2018

How to build a gaming computer?

Any person who likes to spend time playing on the computer, sooner or later faces the problem of updates. The reason, as always, one and the same: the old hardware can no longer cope with the minimum hardware requirements of new games. It can manifest in different ways: in some games, the picture starts to fade by reducing the number of update frames per second (FPS), in other settings cannot be set even at the average level. No matter what the cause was, the comfort of the game disappears.

The problem of choosing a new hardware configuration is exacerbated by the fact that there are so many different components, which are not always compatible with each other. Trying to blindly rely on such numerical characteristics as the amount of memory, gigahertz, cores, or price, not worth it. Not always large frequency leads to the desired result.

Как самостоятельно собрать или обновить игровой компьютер?

Sometimes the buyer a desire to just stop all this to compare and buy the ready set. To not do this. As a rule, such computers are collecting is not the best iron. For example, complete with a «top» GTX 1080 can deliver a stripped-down Intel Core i3 processor. Do not run away from the problem of choice so believe the words of the sellers.

The article presents basic rules that will help you make the right choice of components for a gaming computer.

The computing part

For computer games it is very important to have a complete computing core: powerful processor and graphics card. The processor executes General processing functions: the artificial intelligence of the enemy, the calculation of the behavioral models of various objects and characters of the game world, the General physical model.

The graphics card is the designated global function to quickly and efficiently display the image on the monitor. Modern graphics cards are equipped with a whole set of functions that are Autonomous from the processor can perform the calculations of physics of some objects, such as hair. Even NVidia have patented the same technology HairWorks, which is implemented in graphics cards starting with the GTX 960.

Как самостоятельно собрать или обновить игровой компьютер?

Computational part: the graphics card

In the modern market, NVidia and AMD is the leading manufacturer of graphics cards.

Typically, the NVidia chips are equipped with a variety of functional innovations that the games makers are trying to use at once, thereby increasing the interest of users to their projects. In addition, the NVidia chips have lower power consumption, and hence less heat.

The family of graphics cards from AMD – Radeon – not so often equipped with functional innovations, but keep on a very good level of computing part. They have the power exceeds twice the same model from NVidia, which leads to a considerable heating of the chips and the system as a whole.

In addition to the frequency and functional toppings, graphics cards there is one more parameter – the amount of internal RAM. Chase the big gigs of this memory is not worth it. For modern applications it is even 4 to 6 GB is enough. If you have the desire to put a modern game and enjoy all its new products at high settings, but it does not turn your computer into an oven, they should opt for the latest models of NVidia’s GTX 1080. When resources are scarce, you can stay for cheaper representatives of this line — GTX 1070.

Computational part: the CPU

In the processor segment, and also the fight is between two main competitors: Intel and AMD. Unfortunately, AMD for many years acted as a follower, and always have been, cheaper models with a large number of cores, higher frequency. But, with considerable dissipation. Intel, in turn, implements a long loop to improve models of their processors called «tick-tock».

Relevant today processors 7 out of 10 stages, which are called «Kaby lake». The result of this long work was the emergence of a whole range of processors with a small number of cores, which have very low power consumption, miniaturization and enhanced functionality.

When choosing a processor, should be guided by both financial considerations and the requirements of the game. If your game requires a video card of top level – for example, the GTX 1080, then take a cheap processor like Intel Core i3 is not worth it. It would be what is called among gamers as «the processor will not open the card». In most scenes it will just idle. For such a graphics system is to take a solid «average performance», such as, Intel Core i5 7600K. This model has both adequate performance and overclocking potential.

You can also choose not to throw too much money, and take a bunch of Intel Core i3 and GTX 1050. The result will be the same, but the price of this build will be much cheaper. But, in this economy you have to understand that even medium settings in games will not be available. For fans of the top system is to stop your choice on models with Intel Core i7, and even with the letter «K». Such models can be overclocked at your own risk.

Как самостоятельно собрать или обновить игровой компьютер?


Memory both disc and RAM should not be chosen according to the principle: never enough. RAM for modern games it will be enough in capacity of 16 GB. Take 32 GB and no longer make sense – it just will stall, and the money can be considered wasted.

In the case of discs, your choice is to stop on the SSD. If the game assumes a large number of colorful locations, resources on disk will be stored a lot. This means that when the game is loading and when moving to a new area will read the huge amount of data. To not have the transition from one part to another to begin in the forced tea party, it is better to take a more productive solid state drives.

Common components

The other component of the computer gaming unit, which still indirectly affect the quality of work can be called the motherboard, power supply and cooling system. The motherboard is required to support all communication interfaces for CPU, graphics card, disk and RAM. It is not necessary to waste time on trifles: it’s better to be a couple of additional slots for memory and one PCI-Express port. Modern video cards support work in tandem. If you buy two of the same model, the performance will increase proportionally.

From the power supply directly affects the quality and the service life of other parts. Power is enough for 500 – 600 watts, while desirable for compliance certificates of the food quality.

Cooling system to a greater extent to determine a parameter of comfort with computer-like silence. More expensive liquid cooling. They are almost noiseless, but very difficult to install. Regardless of the noise, the cooling system performance is affected only indirectly. If she doesn’t cope, the chips on the processor and memory will overheat, which may cause errors or malfunction of the system.

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