How to restore broken sector HDD

By | 10.12.2018

How to restore broken sector HDD

In this article we will talk about the restoration of broken hard disk sectors and the reasons for their occurrence. Step-by-step instructions will help you prepare for this procedure and to cope with it.

It is worth to mention that it will be more about restoring the normal work of the hard drive and not lost as a result of data errors.

What is a broken sector

Let’s briefly consider the structure of the hard drive. It consists of several individual disks, over which a magnetic head for reading and recording information. When saving data heads magnetize certain area of the disk divided into tracks and smaller components sector. In them are stored units of information. If a sector becomes unreadable – it is called «broken».

About the appearance of this problem is evidenced by several signs:

  • is a screeching, tapping during operation of the disk;
  • heating the surface of the HDD (in normal condition this should not happen);
  • frequent mistakes at work and start the operating system.

Как восстановить битые сектора HDD

Typical causes

The main causes of broken segments of the hard drive are:

  • the action of viruses and spyware;
  • incorrect uninstall programs;
  • improper system shutdown.

    Как восстановить битые сектора HDD

Well as malfunctions of the hard drive can occur due to mechanical damage. To them often results a drop the hard drive or computer, leading to the damage of the magnetic surface (e.g., during transportation). Appear non-working parts and because of the factory marriage. In this case, they may not appear right away, and «fall down» with time, rapidly increasing their number to a critical level.

Important! If you suspect mechanical damage or marriage should immediately consult specialists or trade the Winchester on a warranty.

Recovery of bad sectors HDD with Victoria

If the appearance of broken segments related to software failures, they can be recovered using specialized software. One of these programs to recover bad sectors hdd is Victoria. Utility comes in two versions – for Windows and DOS. The most effective will be to restore through DOS, as the OS some sectors may be employed, and hence inaccessible to scanning.

Как восстановить битые сектора HDD

This process will be discussed further.


To get started we will need to do a little training. First, you will need a disk with the written program, or bootable flash drive. If recording of the image can make every, with the creation of the stick can be difficult.

Let us more detail on this step:

  1. download the archive with the installer program;
  2. in the archive find the file «hpusbfw.exe» and run it that will format the drive and create the boot sector;
  3. Attention! During formatting, all data from the drive will be deleted.

  4. in the «Device» field, specify the path to the desired drive;
  5. in the window select file system FAT32 leave;
  6. enter the name of the volume (in the line «Volume label «) and run the process by pressing «Start»;
  7. after formatting is complete click «Close» to close the window and move on;
  8. click on the file «grubinst_gui.exe»to start the installation;
  9. in the column «Disk», specify the path to the stick, and in the»Part List», «Whole disk»;
  10. click «Install» and expect to finish;
  11. after you exit this window («Quit «) and find the archive file «»;

    Как восстановить битые сектора HDD

  12. move all the files from his drive, then boot the flash drive ready.

Please note! The program takes up very little space, so after installation the drive can be used to store other information. So you don’t accidentally remove the need for the utility files, it is recommended to allocate a separate folder for them.

Start scanning:

  1. go to BIOS by holding at startup the «delete» key (may be different for different systems);
  2. select the channel to which is connected the problem hard drive by pressing on the keyboard the Latin «R»;

    Как восстановить битые сектора HDD

  3. in the new menu press «Enter»;
  4. if the drive uses a SATA port, then set the value of Ext. PCI ATA/SATA, if Winchester has a IDE connector, then select the corresponding port;
  5. after this setup, you can define the list of channels, reboot the system and run it from a flash drive (using the list changes the priority in the BIOS or the boot menu with Esc or F12 when the system starts);
  6. in the channel list select the connected disk and press «Enter»;
  7. after that F2 to initialize the Winchester;
  8. appear SMART-table with detailed information about the device.

Как восстановить битые сектора HDD

Here we need the item «Reallocated sector count», which is the number of fragment, located in the reserve area and «Current pending sectors», which shows parts that are impossible to read. If their number is not very high, then the disk can be repaired.

Hard drive recovery

Let’s see exactly how this process occurs. Problem segments can be divided into two types. The first cannot be read because of a mismatch of stored information and its checksum.

This error occurs during power outages when new data is already written but checksums were old. They simply cease to be recognized and restored quite easily – their formatting and recording the correct amounts.

The second type arises as a consequence of mechanical damage. In this case the restoration is more difficult, but still possible. The resumption of the operation of parts is carried out through the use of the reserve areas that are on each hard drive.

Start recovery of each of these types of errors.

Video: HDD — «treat» broken sector

First try to fix broken sectors using the erase information stored in them:

  • press F4 and get into the test menu;
  • in the selection menu operations with unreadable sectors indicated by a «BB: Erase 256 sect» and press «Enter».

Will start the long process of scanning and repairing of bad sectors in HDD. If the program finds a bad sector, it tries to erase it, thereby correcting the error. If there is a mechanical defect, an error is reported. In any case, it is necessary to wait completion check and then separately fix the sectors with physical faults.

To do this:

  • again, press F4 to access the menu.
  • this time choose «BB: Classic REMAP», press «Enter».

    Как восстановить битые сектора HDD

Now, the restore operation will work on a different principle, being careful not to wash the damaged sectors and replace them with a space from the backup region.

Important! If such sectors are, the backup space might. This will be communicated by a special message, and further recovery will be impossible.

After a successful recovery of bad sectors on the hard disk, it is recommended to conduct a complete check of the file system for errors.

This can be done using a utility or CHKDSK in the following way:

  1. click «start,» then «Computer»»;

    Как восстановить битые сектора HDD

  2. click the right mouse button on needs to be checked the hard drive and select «Properties»;
  3. go to the tab «Tools», then «disk Check» and «inspect»;
  4. if required, enter the administrator password and wait for completion, then the checker will present a full report.

Как восстановить битые сектора HDD

Attention! System to not only found but also fixed the problem, before scanning, select «Automatically fix file system errors».

The above steps will help you to easily cope with critical cases of the appearance of problematic sectors, to find and fix them. Just follow our instructions, anyone will be able to do it yourself, even without computer training. I hope this information was useful to you.

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