How to reset router settings

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How to reset the router

Configuring the router involves changing many different parameters, and setting incorrect values which may lead to termination of access to the Internet. Interface each router is different, the article describes the methods of factory reset of devices from most popular manufacturers.

Как сбросить настройки роутера

The main reasons for the reset the settings

Reset the configuration of the routers is made for a variety of reasons, the most common variants we can distinguish the following situations:

  • reset password to access. If you have changed the password and forgot it, using the reset device settings you have the option to restore to factory settings password to access the router. Usually, the default settings of username and password are specified on the rear panel of the router;
  • misconfigured Internet connection. If you are in the wrong parameters when connecting to the Internet, to reconfigure the router from scratch use the reset. Also if getting access to the Internet your router needs no adjustment, you can always reset settings to restore the Internet connection;
  • connect to another provider. If the connection to the ISP requires certain settings, individual case, much easier to reset the set parameters to create a different connection of the router to a new provider. Some connections to work correctly, games or apps open additional ports that are not required for Internet connection from another provider;
  • preparations for the firmware of your device. As a rule, before you flash the router it is recommended to reset the settings to the factory default values to reduce the risk in the process of device firmware.

Reset factory router settings — two methods

For all devices from most common manufacturers it is supposed two variants of zeroing parameters:

  • hardware;
  • software.

Как сбросить настройки роутера

The hardware method involves pressing and holding the button on the device, and a software reset is done through the web interface of the router.

The program method

To perform a software reset is required to directly connect and access the device interface. If you do not know or have forgotten your password and/or username, then you will only fit the hardware method.

Video: adjusting Wi Fi router TP-LINK

Devices from different manufacturers have interfaces different from each other, despite the fact that the core function remains the same. Reset the settings performed using the computer connected to the router using a network cable.

The article describes how to reset the device one of the most popular manufacturers.

To TP-Link

To reset routers TP-Link, you must enter the interface device.

For this you need to perform the following operations:

  • to open the browser;
  • enter the router address into the address bar (;
  • enter the username and password. In most cases, the username used is admin and the password or not;
  • set or same as the username.

As a rule, factory settings username and password are on the back of the router.

For the reset:

  • go to the section «Systemtools» or «System Settings»;
  • select «FactoryDefaults» or «Factory settings»;
  • confirm the operation window, click on «Restore», («Restore»).

Как сбросить настройки роутера

After the operation will reboot the device with the preset parameters by default.

For Asus

To access the recovery menu settings to the factory default values of the ASUS routers, you must enter a router address of, then enter your username and password.

Reset to factory settings the router from the manufacturer Asus is done under «Administration» or «Administration» (tab «Restore/Save/Upload settings», «Restore/Save/UploadSettings»), which is in the menu «Additional settings» or «AdvancedSettings».

To reset you need to press the Restore button («Restore»). After reboot, all settings will be restored to factory settings, including settings wifi.

Как сбросить настройки роутера

For D-Link

To restore the default settings of routers D-LINK you need:

  • log in to the web interface of the router (;
  • enter the login and password please go to the «System»;
  • choose the tab «Tools»;
  • click on the button «Restore Factory Defaults».

After you restart the device will return to factory settings. In a separate router there is a function to save the settings in a separate file for further restore device settings from it.

This may partially solve the problem of spontaneous discharges that occur on some routers if you disable the electricity.

To save settings you must:

  • click on «Saveconfiguration» or «Save»;
  • download the file to the desired location on the hard disk;
  • to restore, you must specify the file location and click «Restore»/Restore.

To Netgear

For devices from the manufacturer NETGEAR should:

  • go to the settings panel using the browser;

    Как сбросить настройки роутера

  • go to the section Maintenance;
  • open the tab Backup;
  • click on «Erase» under «Revert to factory defaults».

The device will delete all settings entered by the user, including password change and key Wi-Fi.

For Zyxel

To reset routers, which is the manufacturer ZYXEL, you should:

  • log in to the web interface of the device, which in the browser address bar enter the url;
  • enter the username and password;
  • go to the section system («System»);
  • select a Configuration tab («Configuration»);
  • in the «restarting the system» («SoftwareReboot») click on «Return to factory settings» («Reset to factorydefaults»).

Как сбросить настройки роутера

After receiving confirmation, the device will reboot, after which all settings will be returned to the original version.

Hardware method

If the software method is done via the device interface, hardware reset or hardreset is done by pressing a special button, which is usually located on the back side of the router.

In most cases, reset buttons have the inscription «Reset». In order to avoid accidental pressing of the reset button is recessed especially so for depression used ballpoint pen or pencil, and rarely a pin.

Before resetting, disconnect any cables except the power wires. To reset the settings by the hardware «Reset» button is clamped for 5 to 15 seconds until the indicators on the front side of the device turns off or flashes.

The hardware method of resetting the router is used most often in cases where the user has changed the password to access the web interface and forgot it. In other cases, more convenient and easy is the software method.

After resetting you can login to the router using the default settings for the username and password that are listed on the back of the device.

Как сбросить настройки роутера

Factory reset helps to solve various situations including such as password recovery is an access interface of the router or preparing the router to the firmware. At the same time reset the device to factory settings does not require any specific skills or knowledge.

Thanks to the instructions you can easily return your device to factory settings.

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