How to reset BIOS

By | 10.12.2018

How to reset the BIOS

To reset BIOS you have three options:

1 way: Directly in the BIOS (not 100% guarantee that the BIOS is fully reset).

Method 2: Remove the BIOS battery for 10 minutes to 15 (the most reliable method).

Method 3: Reset the BIOS by a special jumper on the motherboard.

How to reset the BIOS. Method 1

Reset BIOS (BIOS) happening directly in the BIOS. In order to enter BIOS setup, You need at the beginning of booting the computer press F2 or delete key or another special key (for more information about BIOS settings, read how to configure the BIOS):

Next in the BIOS find the line LOAD SETUP DEFAULTS (load default settings):

In the pop-up window with a warning that the settings will be reset to select YES.

Then choose EXIT SAVING CHANGES (exit the BIOS by saving the settings). Select YES and press «ENTER».

All BIOS settings are reset.

Resetting the BIOS. Method 2

Each computer has a battery (BIOS battery) that constantly supplies voltage to the computer was not reset the BIOS settings.

What you need to do:

1. Shut down the computer.

2. Disconnect the computer’s power cord.

3. To remove the system cover.

4. To remove the battery BIOS.

5. Close «+» and «-» contacts of the socket to the batteries.

6. Wait for 10 minutes.

7. Insert back the battery.

8. To collect the system unit of a computer.

9. Connect all the wires.

10. To turn on the computer.

Reset bios settings produced.

How to reset the BIOS. Method 3

Some motherboards have a special jumper that you can use to reset the BIOS settings. Called jumper CLEAR_CMOS (to reset BIOS). It is located near the battery BIOS:

In order to reset BIOS you need to set the jumper in position 1-2:

Then wait 10 seconds and return the jumper back to position 2-3.

The BIOS settings reset. It is recommended to use the second method to reset the BIOS.

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