How to repost on instagram on Android on your page?

By | 10.12.2018

How to repost on instagram?

The popularity of Instagram keeps growing. A few days ago was added the possibility of live broadcasts that will enable the service to attract new users. However most importantly, using this social network – posting the photos. Other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook provide an opportunity to its users to make retweets / reposts any of the records. A feature of this census is that the user puts on their page a particular post by indicating its source.

In Instagram, this function is not officially. Very often there are situations when your rug posted a remarkable photo, and you want to receive it. Of course, if he mentioned you on it, it will be saved to the photos you’ve been tagged. You and your subscribers can see, but you need to do a lot of action, because in the film it is not displayed.

There are other ways to save a photo to phone. To download Instagram not, but you can take a screenshot or ask a friend to send the picture. But all this is not very convenient. There are more comfortable ways to repost on Instagram on Android. There are two very popular app, which are free to Play Market, This Photo Repost and Repost for Instagram. They work on the same principle – automatically save your favorite photo or video and post it to your Instagram.

And as to repost вInstagram ?

In order to use the functionality of these apps, just download one of them, then open Instagram and copy the link to the content you like. The app itself to post open is not necessary. After you copy the link the app will open automatically. You simply need to click «Repost» and the file will appear on your page in Instagram. It will be written the user login from the page where you copied the photos / videos.

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