How to rename a drive in Windows 7

By | 09.12.2018

How to rename a drive in Windows 7

In some cases, you may need to rename the drive in Windows 7. This is done usually for a more comfortable PC control, for example, you can specify a label indicating that the drive is designed to backup your important data.

Important! In Windows 7 not have system partitions, you can also change the letter, but before you perform these steps, be aware of potential risks.

Change the volume label

Users relate differently to their PC. Some are quite satisfied with the options offered by the system by default, others prefer to «sharpen» the system for themselves, achieving the most comfortable conditions for computer use.Как переименовать диск в Windows 7

After installation all partitions on the hard disk are often called «Local disk», but it is much more convenient to identify the location of the movies, pictures or backup more clearly. This is especially true if PC is used by multiple users.

Volume label – a descriptive name for the partition on the hard drive, it is only necessary for the user’s convenience and do not affect the operation of the OS.

Consider the basic methods that allow you to change the volume label:

  1. using the graphical interface;
  2. label command.

Как переименовать диск в Windows 7

Most users are not accustomed to work with command prompt. For them, change the volume label using the graphical interface is much more.

We present the course of action to change a volume label:

  1. open «My computer»;
  2. right click menu on the desired disk;
  3. select «Rename»;
  4. type in the new name;
  5. press Enter.

Как переименовать диск в Windows 7

Before changing a volume label, you must know the basic requirements to it, because otherwise correct operation may be disturbed, let’s consider them:

  • the maximum length of the label is 11 characters for FATили 32 to NTFS;
  • use spaces;
  • it is forbidden to use in the label tab;
  • disk label formatted FATне can contain the following characters: * ? / | . , ; : + = [ ] «.

Hard drives usually format already many years past in NTFS, the other drives can still be marked in the older FAT file system.

Experienced users prefer to change the volume label using the command line and the command label.

Consider how to change the label from the command line:

  1. to open a command prompt with administrator rights;
  2. enter the command label drive letter;
  3. press Enter;
  4. to specify a new label and confirm the entry by pressing Enter.

You should pay attention that the old label will be overwritten without any additional warning.

Как переименовать диск в Windows 7

If you just need to delete the volume label, you must do the following:

  1. start a command prompt with administrator rights;
  2. type the command label drive letter and press Enter;
  3. when prompted, leave the input field empty and press Enter;
  4. confirm the removal of the label by pressing Y.

Possible problems

Sometimes Windows 7 users are unable to change the name of the disk. This is associated with large changes in that version of the OS. Often on computers with Vista and Hrdla exception of Contracting certain viruses in the root of the drive you created the file autorun.inf. In Windows 7 it does not create sense, but this file may be hidden.

Как переименовать диск в Windows 7

Consider how to enable show hidden files:

  1. open «control Panel»;
  2. go to «folder Options»;
  3. on the View tab, set the checkbox next to «Show hidden files and folders»;
  4. click Ok.

You can now delete the file autorun.inf and restart the computer, and then perform the change of label.

Video: How to change drive letter

Change the drive letter

The drive letter is a pointer directly on logical hard disk partition, also it has interchangeable drives, CD/DVD and virtual drives. Sometimes you may want to change it for convenience or transfer programs on the installed new drive.

Как переименовать диск в Windows 7

Important! Never attempt to change the letter of the drive being the system. In most cases this operation will fail, and some will have problems with the start of the OS.

Consider how to change the drive letter:

  1. go to «control Panel»;
  2. select «computer Management» and go to «disk Management»;
  3. on the partition which you want to change the letter and right click;
  4. in the opened menu select «Change drive letter or drive path»;
  5. in the window that appears, click on «Modify»;
  6. to choose the right letter;
  7. click Ok;
  8. to approve the changes.

Important! Change the letter of the drive may have an unpredictable effect on the installed applications. It is also not recommended to change the drive letter for the optical disk, as Neroи some other programs may not work then properly.

To change the label of the hard drive can be an unlimited number of times, because it serves only for the convenience of users and does not affect the running application. To change the drive letter, is recommended only for experienced PC owners, as these actions can harm the system.

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