How to remove popups ads in Google Chrome

By | 10.12.2018

How to remove popups ads in Google Chrome

In the modern world is filled almost all available space in the shops, streets and even the Internet. Wherever you look – everywhere something to offer.

Every day people see annoying Windows that pop up at the most inopportune moment. Sure, they irritate most users. How to get rid of them? Consider methods of disabling them.

What you need to do

When you install an application that is not checked, you risk to be detected on your computer automatically created auxiliary labels. Clicking on them You are redirected to unwanted sites.Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

Often these files are called the same as a browser:

  1. you need to disable extensions (additional programs for some tasks). There are a lot.
  2. when you start the browser they are activated. Hence the advertising. To get rid of them in the Settings tab of the browser, locate Additional tools, then Extensions. They need to disable;
  3. clear links from redirecting to websites that are harmful. Visiting them, You can discreetly install on your computer, the module, which will always get advertising or become nasylateley spam.
  4. to check the browser, hover the mouse over its icon and using the context menu, call up the Properties tab. Please note the link in the string Object. If all goes well, it looks like this: GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe;
  5. delete the contents in the Temp folder.

    Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

Located malware of the previous paragraph just written in a temporal folder Temp.

To get rid of them:

  • disable the programs installed lately;
  • on the desktop click the My computer folder, point to Arrange, then folder Options and search. Remove the tick next to Hide protected operating system files, click on Show hidden files and folders, click OK.
  • To open a disk, folder Users. After — AppData — Local — Temp;
  • in this folder, highlight and delete;
  • re-open My computer and, as shown above, to hide files, folders.

Disable ads in Google Chrome

To get rid of the ads through the settings of the browser you need to:

  1. click the Settings menu;
  2. find Personal data, choose content Settings;
  3. to put the point to Block pop-up Windows on all sites.

Remove automatically

As applications and extensions, which is called advertising, viruses, as such, are not, the antivirus will not help.

First you need to try to remove the virus program in the Google Chrome browser with special extensions. Consider the most popular.

Video: disable ads


Installing the Adblock Plus extension, You will save yourself from many problems:

  • annoying ads;
  • different banners;
  • pop-UPS;
  • advertising on YouTube.

A big plus for this program is the choice of Permissible advertising.

Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

The user is not obstructed and allows you to develop sites that are live using a small ad units.

The option to disable advertising banners can be disabled anytime.

To do this:

  • click the right mouse button on the selected image;
  • in the popup menu, Select Adblock;
  • the dialog box gives you access to filters. Here and turn off banners.

Hitman Pro

Running the program, choose I’m going to scan the system only once. Will start a system scan automatically.

If a virus is found — it is necessary to remove them. Then restart the computer to see if it POPs up advertising.

Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

Malwarebytes Antimalware

Another way to remove a program which POPs up ads in Google Chrome called Malwarebytes Antimalware.

The principle is the same:

  1. it is necessary to scan the system and remove found threats;
  2. restart the computer and start working, to check the result.

    Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

Remove ads and pop-UPS in Google Chrome manually

If the software did not help to get rid of ads — you need to do it manually. Usually it is caused by different processes or extensions. Most often the user has no idea what they are.

How to remove

To begin to perform the actions:

  1. on the Windows control panel select Programs and features. Here you need to check programs that are harmful. In case of detection — delete and restart the computer;

    Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

  2. to enter in task Manager — Processes;
  3. click Show processes from all users.

    Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

  4. if the process that caused the suspicion, not completed — call its context menu and choose Open file location. Remember his whereabouts;
  5. pressing Win+R, typing msconfig, confirm the Safe mode;

    Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

  6. reboot the system;
  7. in safe mode, log in to the control Panel – select folder Options and display hidden system files;
  8. locate the file, delete the folder along with it;
  9. exit safe mode and make the computer restart;
  10. check advertising.

Programs that cause advertising

To block ads and banners you need to know which programs cause them.

The names of the most popular:

  • RSTUpdater.exe;
  • Mobogenie;
  • Websocial, Webalta;
  • Codec DefaultKernel.exe;
  • pirritdesktop.exe (and others with a similar name);
  • SearchProtect (please note all names that contain the word Search);
  • Awesomehp, Conduit, Babylon.

In addition to the above, all the processes that are suspicious should be checked.

Changes in the hosts file

Adware extension affects the appearance of the ads and the hosts file.

Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

To adjust it, you need to log in to Notepad as administrator.

Then follows:

  1. File — Open (specify to display all files);
  2. go to WindowsSystem32driversete. Locate the file;
  3. after the last line that begins with a grid, all below — delete;
  4. to save the changes.

Information about Adbock

Usually users install Adbock one of the first utilities to block pop-UPS. But it does not always save. There are a large number of such extensions, which contribute to the unwanted bounce of «pictures».

What can Adbock:

  1. the display of page elements, which can be seen;
  2. create a list of items, which are to be blocked;
  3. the ability to disable subscription filters;
  4. create personal blocking rules;
  5. the ability to create automatically backups of the filters list.
  6. the ability to hide elements if they are not blocked.

Google Chome allows you to block pop-UPS without Adbock:

  1. go to the Menu (right side of the address bar is the icon that looks like three stripes);
  2. in the settings click advanced settings;

    Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

  3. in the tab Personal data to choose content Settings;

    Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

  4. in the new window select the Popup window;
  5. select: Block pop-up Windows.

    Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

Note: the paragraph pop-up window contains a button Control keys. It allows you to enable pop-UPS for specific sites.

How to unlock the is

If You mistakenly blocked is desired, this can be corrected.

You should disable the lock:

  • go to the Settings;
  • edit filters manually — change;
  • in the provided list shows all blocked. To cancel you need to remove a piece of code and Save;

    Как убрать всплывающие окна рекламы в Google Chrome

  • to verify that the operation completed successfully.

Having considered different methods of blocking ads, banners, and other debris the conclusion that the best difficult to determine.

Every situation will fit any one. Choose the perfect for any user will be able empirically.

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