How to remove login password in Windows 7

By | 09.12.2018

How to remove login password in Windows 7

To remove the login password in Windows 7 is quite simple. This will require a minimal amount of time and knowledge. This kind of operation usually takes no more than a couple minutes.

To implement it in various ways: through a special console, command line, or by resetting the data key with SAM. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Why put a password

It often happens that the PC is stored any sensitive and confidential data to which access must be restricted. Microsoft Windows makes it easy to limit the circle of persons having access to files on the computer by installing a special key. It can be your own person, if the user s several.

An access code is required for the protection of information on PC different owners from one another. For example, it is not uncommon that parents need, so that curious children are unable to see the which is not they are entitled to information.

Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

Remove the password through the console Run

One of the easiest way to disable the input access key based on using the «Execute» item. To access it is quite simple – just click on the «start» button. Often the paragraph in question is present in the right part of the window.

Command input

To disable the function, you must enter a specific command. It will open a special applet that allows you to do this.

The process of entering the command as follows:

Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

  • open the menu button «start»;
  • click on «Run»;
  • in the open box write «control userpassword2».

After completing these operations will open a window called «user Accounts».

It contains two tabs:

Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

  • «Users»;
  • Advanced.

You must stop your attention on the first tab. Since it performs all account settings, including changing your login ID, access key and other attributes. In addition, if you wish, you can easily add new accounts or delete old ones.

Disable the password

To disable the Password, simply open the appropriate window («user account»-> «users»). It is necessary to uncheck the box called «users must enter a user name and …». In this simple way you can disable the need to enter Password.

Confirm user

You can also completely disable the logon screen in Microsoft Windows.

Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

To do this you must perform the following actions:

  • in the window called «Account», double-click on the desired line (admin, user, or something else);
  • click «OK».

A window will open that contains three fields. Filled should be only top, there is written login. The rest remain empty. Then again click on «OK». After performing these operations when you start Microsoft Windows will not occur in the water Password. Which is nice, if physical access to the PC there is only one person.

video: Reset password

Remove the password when you start Windows without programs

Also consider the Password in the operating system can be peeled off without the use of «Execute» item, as well as various types of third-party applications. You can just use the special command line. This way you can avoid having to enter a Password when you turn on the computer, and when you exit it from sleep.

Configure the command prompt

In order to adjust the command line, you must use the disk with the Windows distribution. This way the settings and reset the access code is suitable in the case that it is forgotten, and otherwise run the OS is not possible.

First and foremost, it is necessary through BIOS to set boot from CD-ROM or other device containing the distribution. After that you should reboot and start the installation.

Then following actions are performed:

Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

  • opens a window for selecting language settings, click Next;
  • select «system Restore»->»Command prompt»;
  • enter «regedit»;
  • in the opened registry editor, find the section called «HKEY_LOKAL_MACHINE»;
  • select it, click on menu «File» and choose «Load hive»;
  • select the drive where the OS is installed, and open the file located at «disc name:windowssystem32SYSTEM»;
  • you must enter an arbitrary name for the selected partition (for example, 999);
  • go to the HKEY_LOKAL_MACHINE999Setup and push twice on the parameters:

    Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

  1. CmdLine – enter cmd.exe;
  2. SetupType – model parameter 0 to 2;
  • allocated section 999 and click «Unload hive»;
  • extract the distribution and restart the PC.

Reset password and login

After loading the operating system, the user immediately will see a command prompt window. To implement reset password, you must enter the following command: net user username

Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

If for some reason User forgot account name, then one can write net user without parameters. It will display all available names and select the desired.

If the use of the new Password is not assumed, just leave the field blank.

If you must enter the new command will appear as follows: disc name:Windowssystem32net user username new-key.

Also, you often need to create a new account without access key.

To do this, perform the following commands in exact order:

  • imparl net user /add;
  • net localgroup Administrators name /add;
  • net localgroup user name /delete.

    Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

These commands in the strict order operations:

  1. create a new User;
  2. add it to a workgroup Administrator;
  3. deletion of the group Users.

The subject method of reset is quite complicated, but is quite feasible even for less experienced PC owners.

Reset method the key data from the SAM file

There are a number of different ways to reset the login ID to the system. But they just change in different ways information is stored in a special file called the SAM. He is running, for data concerning both User and Password. This name-the abbreviation stands for Security Account Manager.

Considering the file has no extension, as it is simply it is not required. It is a direct part of the registry is the directory systemrootsystem32config. A copy of the considered file is available on the emergency repair disk, if this function for some reason, was not previously disabled.

Edit this file to change the settings of the operating system is the most complicated way. To work with SAM you need specialized software from third party developers. All operations with SAM need to be performed very carefully and accurately.

How it works

The most popular application to change the data in the SAM file is active password changer. Before you start working, you must copy the application to any media or another hard drive FAT32.

After performing this operation, you must:

Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

  1. to run folder password file «BootableDiskCreator»;
  2. in the opened window select «Add USB …»;
  3. activate the button «Start».

After performing all the above actions will create a bootable flash drive.

The process of modifying data using the application in question as follows:

Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

  • restart PC with it installed in a USB flash drive;
  • choose the disk on which is located the SAM;

    Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

  • if the search completes successfully, it will display the table User;
  • select the desired item, press the key Enter;
  • in the opened window put a cross next to the item «clear this … «;

    Как снять пароль при входе в систему Windows 7

  • put the letter «Y», thereby agreeing with the operation.

This way of working with user accounts and their attributes is as safe as possible. As it allows you to avoid editing the registry and other operations that are performed manually. It is sometimes difficult for not very experienced users, who started to work with my PC recently. Likely to cause harm to the operating system in this case is almost equal to zero.

Another important advantage of this program is the ability to set schedules for the use of PC separate accounts.

The disadvantages include the fact that some older motherboards will not run from USB media. In this situation you have to look for any alternative options: a floppy disk, CD-ROM or something else.

Quite often, especially with beginners, there are situations when the combination of digits needed to log in to OS forgotten or otherwise lost. From such a complex situation, there are many exits, the refresh is not always required. Moreover, to cope with resetting the access code to the OS, any computer owner with minimal skills interacting with appliances of this type.

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