How to remove Kaspersky antivirus from your computer: ways

By | 10.12.2018

How to remove Kaspersky antivirus from your PC?

Kaspersky antivirus is widely known for a large number of users around the world. However, despite its advantages, the disadvantages of this program still exist. It consumes a lot of computer resources, but on older PC can and does cause hang-UPS.

Ways to remove Kaspersky antivirus from computer

The removal of the antivirus program from a personal computer is possible in several ways:

  1. Standard uninstall through control Panel. In this case, you will need to perform all of the steps in the screens and wait for the removal of the program. In Windows 8, you can remove it by opening the all programs list, right-click on the antivirus and choose the appropriate key. Then everything happens as described above. In versions antivirus 2013, you must first disable security and then get out of antivirus.
  2. Using the official utility called KAV Remover Tool. You can download it on the official website of the developer. It can produce the removal of the antivirus program in the automatic mode, you only need to press «delete». In rare cases the program might not detect the antivirus, then the user must choose the version of Kaspersky that is installed on the computer and confirm the deletion.

At the end of the removal program, your computer needs to restart.

Following the steps above, the system can remain keys antivirus some parts and lines in the registry. Completely you can delete them using the command line. It is necessary to write the command regedit, to open registry editor. It will need to find branch belonging to antivirus and delete them. Usually this folder is «KasperskyLab» and the files contained in it. You can view the branches manually or use the registry search.

With each generation antivirus improved and become better and better, but to remove them is often quite difficult. Using this manual to cope with this task will be much easier.

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