How to remove blank page in word in the middle and the end of the document?

By | 10.12.2018

How to remove blank page in Word?

Sometimes when working with a text editor of Microsoft word can be such a problem – formed blank worksheet. All anything, here only by chance you can create it in the middle of the document, and it will disrupt the process duplex printing or knock pagination.

In General, from a blank sheet always need to deliver differently in the end, you can get married. To avoid any problems I recommend that you before printing it to always use the function «preview». You can start it by clicking on the «Office» — «Print» — «preview«.

Now back to our empty plates. So, our job is to take a blank sheet of paper. Page for a document in MS Word created the push of just one button, which is located in the tab «Insert«. But the clean sheet is not easily obtained, although this is also not a very complicated process.

Another options to create a sheet is press the Enter key. That is, many times clicking this button you can reach the end of the current page and go to new. Accordingly, in order to remove a sheet you need to remove the indentation, and it can be done using the buttons «Delete» and «Backspace«.

It is very simple. Similarly, you can remove a blank page in the middle of the document.

By the way, calculate where the padding, you can help the button «Show all icons«. Pressing it will allow you to see all the spacing between words or paragraphs in any part of the document.

Как удалить пустую страницу в ворде в середине и конце документа?

Also be sure to revisit the blank page preceding it, because the first could be created for the «page Break«. To remove it you can use all the same buttons «Delete» and «Backspace«.

Well, another option of deleting blank pages is the key combination «Ctrl+Z» — undo the previous action. That is, when using this combination, you have canceled the last action, which could be clicking on «page Break» or the unnecessary placing of indent with Enter.

If for some reason you do not have access to the keyboard, the text editor there is a button «Undo». It is located in the upper left part of window Microsoft word around the button «Office«.

Как удалить пустую страницу в ворде в середине и конце документа?

Now you know how to quickly and easily remove a blank worksheet in Word. In this article, manual for MS Word 2007, but similar tools have other versions of this text editor.

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