How to remap keys on the keyboard in Windows 7/8.1

By | 10.12.2018

How to remap keys on the keyboard in Windows 7/8.1

Как переназначить клавиши на клавиатуре в Windows 7/8.1It is no secret that the market for software there is a specific software that is Windows and is missing under OS X. In this regard, some users of Apple technology are forced to install Windows on their computers as a second operating system. Although Windows on your Mac’s running smoothly and without any problems, there is one annoying thing which I encountered few days ago.

As you know, on keyboards designed for Windows, the Alt key located to the immediate left and right of the space bar on the keyboard and Mac’s on either side of the space bar keys are Command (or cmd).

Since I am a regular user of Windows and Apple computers face is extremely rare, whenever I’ve used Windows 8.1 on the desktop of the MacBook, that on a habit pressed the button cmd, assuming it is the Alt key.

Another problem is that on keyboards for Mac no keys to quickly grab a screenshot of the screen, unlike keyboards for Windows. Thus, to take a screenshot in Windows operating system that is running on Mac via Boot Camp, you have to use the combination of Fn + Shift + F11. And if you need a screenshot of the active window, press Fn + Shift + Alt + F11. Agree, it’s not as convenient as the keyboard for Windows.

To simplify working with Windows on a MacBook, I decided to reassign keys on the keyboard with the help of programs that allow you to do this. I tested several tools and decided to stay on the program SharpKeys, which seemed to me the most straightforward solution in this category of software.

Как переназначить клавиши на клавиатуре в Windows 7/8.1Use SharpKeys to reassign keys

To change keyboard mapping with SharpKeys is very easy, but if you have any difficulties, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Visit this page and download SharpKeys. Run the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.

Step 2: Run the program, click «Add». On the left select key you wish to reassign, and the right will choose the function to be performed by the key selected in the left column.

Как переназначить клавиши на клавиатуре в Windows 7/8.1

For example, if you want to use F8 as the Print Screen key, choose the F8 key on the left, then choose PrtSc in the right column and click «OK». Next, click «Write to Registry» and then when you see dialog box with a warning, click «OK».

Step 3: Restart the computer to remap the selected key.

There is one disadvantage – the program doesn’t detect the function key. In other words, if your keyboard has Function key (fn), SharpKeys simply will not see, and you will not be able to reassign it.

The program is available free and supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

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