How to reinstall Windows 7 on the computer

By | 09.12.2018

How to reinstall Windows 7 on the computer

Problems with Windows occur most often at fault of the user.

The culprit may be:

  1. the viruses that ruin system files;
  2. software failures;
  3. banal cluttering the system drive, why the computer starts to work slower and often fail.

A complete reinstall of Windows 7 will not be difficult, because the setup is intuitive. In the process of preparation and, in fact, reinstall system, it is important not to lose files and improve the performance of your computer. And how to do it properly, and will be discussed below.

What you need to do before removing the system

Of course, the first step in the reinstallation process will be to download a new distribution. This can be done on any torrent tracker or file sharing.

Next is the process of recording setup on a bootable USB flash drive or disk. To record the setup on the flash card will need a working version of Windows 7 and the program Win2Flash. It is very easy to learn and does everything in automatic mode. You simply select the package Explorer’s menu and a USB flash drive that will be bootable. If you already have a disc recorded on the distribution – this item noise.

Как переустановить Windows 7 на компьютере

After automatic entry of the operating system on the media it’s time to move to the next item – the preservation of all important files.

This procedure is best performed in the presence of a capacious storage: external hard drive, large flash drive or multiple drives in large volume. We copied all the needed files (photos, videos, text documents, password files, etc.). You can also save all files in cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, etc.), and after reinstalling you will be able to download all the files you need back, go around thus no loss of data.

Don’t forget to download the required driver (network card/wifi module, video card, etc.), it is possible that without them the computer will not allow you to log on and to fully work.

Video: Install Windows 7

Preparing to reinstall

Before the procedure, reinstall the system yourself it is worth creating a backup of Windows in case something goes wrong. This can be done using Acronis True Image.

Download the program and write it to a CD, after the BIOS settings (see next step), reboot the computer with the disk in the drive. When the download starts, the window of True Image, where you should select «backup», mark the disk, which we will carry (the one that holds the system folder, usually C: drive). Next, select the destination of the other logical partition, or external hard drive or flash drive, and complete the process.

Как переустановить Windows 7 на компьютере

BIOS setup

Now we need to make sure that the PC took the include files from the drive that contains the system, this can be done through the BIOS.

  1. reboot the computer and go into BIOS setup (by pressing delete, F1, F2, F8, F12, Insert, at the initial stage of use);
  2. select the tab Advanced BIOS Features, and look for First Boot Device in the drop-down menu, select CD/DVD ROM or Flash Drive (depending on the medium on which is recorded the system);

    Как переустановить Windows 7 на компьютере

  3. save the settings and reboot the computer.

Don’t forget to return all your BIOS settings after you reinstall Windows, if you forget to do it when the PC with the inserted disk or USB flash drive will be shown an error about not found files download. But it is not always necessary to change the BIOS settings.

Place the primary boot files can be selected manually, for that you need when you turn on the computer (approximately between the 1st and the 2nd title screen) press a special key (usually the button F8, F10, F11, F12 or Escape), and in the appeared menu select CD/DVD or Flash drive.

Step-by-step reinstalling Windows 7

All preparatory procedures were completed, and we learn how to reinstall Windows 7 on Windows 7 step by step, without formatting the system drives.


  • Insert the disk/USB stick with stored setup;Как переустановить Windows 7 на компьютере
  • next is the process of copying core files and libraries needed to install the system. It is very important not to interrupt the process of copying, because then everything will have to start again. After the copy procedure window opens in which we first confirm the license agreement and then select «full installation»;
  • opens the main window, with whom we have the highest number of work – setting up disks. We need to choose the partition with the old system, in order to upgrade to Windows.

    Как переустановить Windows 7 на компьютере

  • next, select the logical partition that is the system and continue the installation. It is important to remember that the PC during installation may restart, and since we have a bootable media, then re-enabling the setup will run again.

To avoid this, you need to first reboot to enter BIOS setup and return the boot device back in the box to «HDD». Or just during reboot remove the stick or the disc, not forgetting to put back, because the installation is not yet complete;

  • next is the installation process itself, during which shut down your PC strongly not recommended, at this point in the system partition, copies the Windows files, and it would be better if we wait for the end copy;

    Как переустановить Windows 7 на компьютере

  • after transferring files, we propose to write the computer name, password, and license key Windows (these two points can not enter, just missing);

    Как переустановить Windows 7 на компьютере

  • before upgrading, you need to make a backup copy of the file;

Important! For a successful installation and protect your PC from threats get the latest version of the update. This is easily done by connecting to the Internet and logging on to the official website of the company. Next, go to the «get important updates for installation.

  • next Choose setup type item Upgrade. A report will appear about compatibility.
  • the last step is setting the time zone in which you select the desired, and here is the main part of the work on the reinstallation of the Windows operating system is completed.

Important! Method «Update» allows you to save files, programs and settings from your current version of Windows. Only updates Windows system files.

Completion and installation of drivers

It is unlikely that after reinstalling your Windows PC is fully working, you need to update the driver for your hardware.

If you listened to the recommendations, you’ve downloaded all the necessary drivers on a flash drive, disc. Driver better to download for a specific brand and model of the equipment, preferably the latest version (almost certain to be found on the official website of the manufacturer).

Also it is recommended to download and install the components for comfortable work in the Internet (Flash Player, browser, etc.). Do not interfere, and sets of codecs for the proper functioning of the system and third-party applications (NET Framework, DirectX, C++libraries).

Как переустановить Windows 7 на компьютере

Reinstall Windows – the problem is simple, but if you miss the slightest detail can make the PC unusable.

It is important to prepare for the changeover to the system by copying the necessary files, so their loss was not a surprise to you.

Equally important is the setup procedure after installation, it is important to install the latest drivers to all components of computer working smoothly and without a glitch.

To prevent the destruction of virus programs install antivirus and enable firewall it helps to block malicious content sites.

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