How to recover HDD Samsung

By | 10.12.2018

How to restore HDD Samsung

Hard drive failure can have both software and hardware failure. In the first case, is likely to recover in the home. But if the problem is hardware – it is best to contact the service center to save the data. If you have some experience and skill in the repair, it can also be performed independently (not in all cases).

Causes of hard disk failure

As already mentioned, the causes of failure in the HDD may be different.

The main ones:

  • the collapse of the file system;
  • the appearance of broken and bad sectors (bad sector);
  • a glitch in the firmware;
  • malfunction of the control Board;
  • the failure of the heads;
  • wedge engine.

Как восстановить HDD Samsung

It is worth to mention that the last three reasons – the 100% treatment in service. Self-repair will not work. If burned the control Board and you have exactly the same working hard drive, you can perform the replacement block, but this requires great accuracy and skill. In this article, we’ll describe the first three methods of recovery, as they can be done at home.

Restoring hard drive Samsung

The recovery process is quite time-consuming. First of all, you need to prepare the necessary software and try to retrieve data (if possible) before. The following utilities can be downloaded as network and from the manufacturer’s website. Prior to this, they are written to disk, which will need to be loaded. Now, in order.

Video: SAMSUNG SP1213N Disk Recovery

Recovery after a crash the file system

The most common problem. It happens usually due to operating system failure, sudden power outage and attacks of computer viruses. Problem is fixed just by formatting the media, however, all user files are lost. If the hard drive has important data, you can try to repair using specialized software (e.g. R-Studio).

With a damaged file system, the operating system will fail to boot. To format the hard drive, boot from the installation disc of the OS and before installing Windows to reformat all media. The program will do a quick format of the partition, recreate the file system and start the operating system installation.

Как восстановить HDD Samsung

Note: data Recovery is best done from the bootable media before formatting and installing new OS, as this may overwrite existing information that will lead to its complete loss.

There may be cases when a quick format does not help, for example, after a serious virus attack, problems with the MFT or MBR. In this case, it is best to perform a full format. This can be done by means of a Live CD, boot disk Acronis Disc Director Norton Partition Magic, etc.

Recovery health HDD Samsung with beaten sectors

Broken sector or Bad Sector is a physically damaged areas of a hard disk, a recording which is impossible.

Sooner or later, either the hard disk appear to the sectors they occur in consequence of:

  • wear;
  • blow or shake (the same applies to the process of transportation and installation);

    Как восстановить HDD Samsung

  • factory defect;
  • overheating.

This issue appears in different ways:

  • the inability to read or copy the file.
  • hang when accessing any part of the disk;
  • frequent start (during booting) utilities chkdsk;
  • the inability to load the operating system.

Bad Sector can be logical and physical. In the first case you can use the standard Windows utility «Check disk for errors». This utility will check the disk surface for errors and bad sectors and then attempt recovery. In the case of logical errors, the utility overwrites the sector with special labels.

Как восстановить HDD Samsung

If this does not solve the problem, we recommend you to use the utility «Victoria HDD». It will scan the HDD surface for the presence of bad blocks. According to the specified options, the system will perform, remap, or will try to recover the bad sector (if the mistake is logical).

Как восстановить HDD Samsung

Remap (Remap) is a procedure to replace the damaged sectors on the backup. That is, the program, upon detection of such blocks, marks them as unused and forwards their address non-sector backup, which is each hard drive (by the way, is one of the reasons why there is a difference between the declared and real volume of carrier).

If the problem is not solved by the above means, it is best to use special service tools «Samsung Drive Diagnostic Utility» or «Samsung EsTool». These utilities only work with Samsung hard drives and provide a comprehensive set of diagnostics and restoration of the hard drive.

The utility «Samsung Drive Diagnostic Utility»

The second name «Hutil». This program only works with bootable media and is intended for a full scan of the hard drive. The program’s interface step-by-step. She correctly identifies all of the media installed in the computer, but the work starts with a Samsung HDD.

After launch, Hutil initiate a full surface scan the disk for bad sectors, logical errors. If they are found, the program will offer to conduct a low-level format, meaning the zeroing process and the application of a special servomotor. This will, remap those areas that cannot be restored. When the procedure is completed you will have a completely clean hard drive. You can then install the operating system.

Как восстановить HDD Samsung

The utility «Samsung EsTool»

Another program for the comprehensive diagnosis of the hard drive and is also bootable.

Compared with the previous utility to allow you to perform a wider range of tasks, namely:

  • a full diagnostic of the hard drive;
  • low-level formatting.
  • reinitialize S. M. A. R. T;
  • the choice of modes.

After launch, EsTool automatically detects the correct drive and open the main menu. To run diagnostics, select the «Drive Diagnostic». This starts the process of scanning and bug fixes.

Как восстановить HDD Samsung

Overall, the program performs a process similar to the «Hutil». You should pay attention to the fact that any of the above methods takes a considerable amount of time, from several hours to days (depending on storage volume).

Как восстановить HDD Samsung

If all else fails

If, after conducting the above operations, the problem is not resolved or resolved temporarily, then manually restore the Winchester does not succeed for several reasons:

  1. the drive started to «crumble», i.e. the physical damage began to spread;
  2. the problem is in the control unit;

    Как восстановить HDD Samsung

  3. malfunction internal nodes of Winchester.

In this case, the best option is to replace the hard drive, as the recovery in the service center will cost compared to the cost of new. If the hard disk has valuable data, it is best to immediately contact the service center where the experts will dismantle it in a special sterile room (dust missing for about 98-99%) and will try to save him together with information. Otherwise, you risk losing the data forever.

Hard drive device is fragile. Rough handling could break or data loss forever. To avoid this, always make backups of your most important information and avoid its overheating, shocks and bumps.

In case of failure do not panic. First, rate how important files stored on the hard drive and after that make a decision to contact service, try to perform the recovery yourself, or just buy a new disk.

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