How to recover data from MicroSD cards

By | 10.12.2018

How to recover data from a MicroSD card

Many have met with the problem of lost data on memory cards, phones or cameras. Its causes are many. We will talk about how to safely and quickly recover deleted files from a MicroSD card.

Data loss from memory card – the phenomenon unpleasant, but fixable. In most cases, the user can attempt to recover deleted information. If the data are of great value, then you should contact the service center, where qualified specialists will help to remove your information integrity and security.

The causes of data loss

The information may disappear from the drive for many reasons. It all depends on where was the memory card. Loss of data can have both logical and mechanical in nature.

Basic logic error:

  • a glitch in the gadget;
  • accidental formatting or deletion;
  • virus.

Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

From mechanical causes are the most common wear and tear of memory and physical damage.

Symptoms a memory card can be the following:

  • errors in the folder structure;
  • display the incorrect volume;
  • memory card not recognized by computer or phone.

At their first appearance, immediately back up your data drive, format it and check for errors. If the card earned normally, information can be transferred back.

What we need

If data has already been deleted, you can try to restore them yourself.

What you need to do:

  • a computer running the operating system Windows XP/7/8;
  • card reader that supports MicroSD format;
  • SD adapter;

    Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

  • software for data recovery.

Important! Before the procedure, under any circumstances, do not write new data to the memory card! This can lead to the rubbing of existing and the impossibility of their recovery.

Restore data to the MicroSD card using R-Studio

R-Studio is a powerful software package used by professionals in the field of recovery. In the absence of physical damage to media, with a high probability to save the lost information. With increased functionality and simplify the interface, the program became available to ordinary users. To begin data recovery from a microSD card, connect it to the computer via adapter and run R-Studio. In the main window will display all connected drives.

Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

To start scanning, select the memory card and click «Scan». In the popup window you can select the file type, scan size and type.

Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

These settings can be left default. The procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Upon completion, a window displays the virtual disk partitions with the boot records and files.

Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

To see the information found by double clicking on the desired tab (if it was formatted then, most likely, it will be part of the yellow). A window opens with a list of directories, where you can view the contents of files found, and save it.

Program overview

In addition to R-Studio, there are several effective tools that will help to restore the lost data. All they are is a very easy to use and perfect even for beginners. Of course, every program has its pros and cons, but if you know them, it is possible to avoid incorrect actions and choose the utility appropriate for each specific case. Below we will tell about most interesting of them.

Video: Restore deleted files

Auslogics file recovery

One of the best programs of its type. Is on a par with R-Studio, but compared to him is more friendly and clear interface. It is worth noting the possibility of finding and recovering files of any type, as well as compatibility with memory cards of any type.

Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

Convenient search system allows you to specify very precisely what you need to find, thus speeding up the scanning. Preview will help to keep only those files you really need, thereby creating on the computer of excess junk. The only drawback of the program is its cost. To buy the full version, will have to pay about 1000 rubles.

Hetman Uneraser

A little-known, but it is also a good program. Looks like an Explorer window, which displays found files. In the same window, they can immediately be restored. The utility automatically performs a deep scan it even with a damaged file system.

Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

The main advantages of the program are:

  • simplicity;
  • support for all device types: memory cards, cameras, phones and other USB devices;
  • work with all major file systems;
  • recover files from damaged partitions;
  • the ability to view files before saving.

Hetman Uneraser – the product is paid, is about $ 30, but this price is, in our opinion, unjustified. For the same price you can find better alternatives.

SoftPerfect File Recovery

A simple utility that will help restore information in case of accidental deletion. Supports most media types and file systems. SoftPerfect File Recovery serves as an assistant with minor troubles. Unfortunately, it is useless in the case of the media format or overwrite the already deleted data.

Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

The advantages include a very simple interface and the ability to work with compressed volumes. The program is distributed for free, enables each user to keep it with me in case of unpleasant situations.

Magic Uneraser

Also little-known, but this time a powerful data recovery program. Its key ability – simplicity and efficiency. Looks like a Explorer interface. Working with Magic Uneraser step-by-step: user chooses the search space and type of files, which significantly speeds up the procedure.

Utility supports almost all types of storage media with the FAT file system or NTFS.

Magic Uneraser has several advantages that distinguish it from other analogues:

Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

  • correct search and recovery names;
  • vosstanovlenie metadata file;
  • retrieving lost data from floppy disks;
  • packing data stored in otobrat;
  • advanced algorithm that finds even those files that other programs do not find.

Magic Uneraser though paid, but worth the money.

RS File Recovery

A simple and reliable tool to recover data. Will be useful for both novice and experienced users. Easy to cope with tasks of any complexity. Has intuitive interface and preview function.

Как восстановить данные с карты памяти MicroSD

The developers have implemented a very useful feature that allows at an early stage to evaluate the possibility of restoring the file. Features of the program do not differ from similar, but it copes with its functions.

If you are often faced with the problem of lost data, always useful to have one of these programs. What kind – you decide. Also do not forget about backing up important files – this greatly reduces the risk of permanent data loss. To reduce the risk to a minimum regularly check the condition of your memory card and gadget.

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