How to recover data from hard disk MAC OS

By | 10.12.2018

How to recover data from hard disk MAC OS

The most dreaded situation for any computer user is data loss due to their removal, hard disk corruption, formatting of storage media, etc. depending on the situation, you can use various methods of recovering the information in the Mac OS.

Look in the recycle Bin

Как восстановить данные с жесткого диска MAC OS

If the information was удаленf recently and the basket was not cleared, it is easy to return. In Mac OS, the recycle bin (Trash) located on the Dock at the end. Physically, each user gets their own basket, like an invisible folder. Until it is not cleaned (Empty Trash), any file from it it is possible to recover the.

To return the data you need:

  1. to open the window Tpash by clicking the icon;
  2. to find among the icons of remote files;
  3. drag a document outside of the basket.

If the removal of the document was the last action in Mac OS, it can be returned by a combination key and z Is a keyboard shortcut to undo the last action. File return even if the basket is closed.

Feature Time Machine

Mac OS developers have created a universal tool capable to recover any file that existed in the operating system. Time Machine creates hourly backups of all data changes, including to the operating system.

Как восстановить данные с жесткого диска MAC OS

Feature of the program is that when you first run it creates a complete copy of your hard drive that takes a long time. Then every hour it backs up only those files that have changed. Thus, it is possible in the timeline of the program to find the date of removal or change of a file, highlight it and press the button to return. To activate the program reservation is made.

The graphical interface presented in the form of listusers catalog the backups in the timeline on the right and the main interface at the bottom of the screen. It is convenient to use, you can return everything. But that requires a large amount of hard disk or removable media. When the store begins filling the data, so some of the old changes can’t be returned.

Как восстановить данные с жесткого диска MAC OS

Programs for data recovery

Universal tool for returning the deleted or damaged data is a special program.

Software for data recovery from hard disk Mac OS have several features:

  1. if for ease of operation features a graphical interface, the application is paid. The cost can vary from a few dollars to several hundred;
  2. the quality of information recovery is different since they use different algorithms and methods;
  3. to successfully return the information obtained in 90% of cases. Difficulties arise when working with images, but for them there are separate applications;
  4. with the help of demo version you can evaluate the usability of the application and the quality of data recovery. Necessary for many will be a function of data recovery from emptied recycle bin and backup;
  5. to work with objects up to 5 MB, you can use the free demo version.

The range of programs is quite large. Among them are some of the most versatile and easy to use.

Video: Working with disks in Mac OS


This utility is designed to recover image files, videos, documents, archives etc. from memory cards. It works with various file systems, operating. Feature of PhotoRec is that it does not have a graphical interface. This free app copes with the data recovery after formatting memory card, removing even that was long ago deleted.

Data Rescue

Another easy-to-use data recovery software – Data Rescue. The app is not trying to restore the file system, but simply retrieves from a hard disk, an external USB Flash drive, memory card, those objects that can be read. Great for restoring recently deleted files, and any other information from the disk.

Как восстановить данные с жесткого диска MAC OS

To work with the program you need to run it, select the media type (hard disk), to determine the mode of search (Quick, Deep, For deleted files or Clone to create a copy of data from disk to the working media). Next you need to wait some time: for a deep scan, 1 minute to 1 GB.

The program will give a directory of the recovered data in a tree view. It is easy to find the right pictures, documents. After marking with a tick runs the preserve, or rather restore them. Some file types allow you to store them to view.


Как восстановить данные с жесткого диска MAC OS

To recover deleted files, corrupted for various reasons, and after formatting the system or disk can be used program FileSalvage. Has the ability to work with different media, recovers files of many formats. Works especially well with the recovery of video files and images.

Restoring deleted files on Mac Disk Drill c

Specifically for Mac OS Disk Drill is available utility that can restore data after you delete it. Works with all major types of files, with own media, removable storage devices (Flash, memory cards.).

Available in 4 variations, the most common of which are basic and professional.

An additional feature is Recovery Vault (defense) allows the program to create backups, simplifying recovery. Information on the disk in addition to the private bytes is the header meta data. They store information about the name and size of the file, place it on the media, etc.

Deleting erased it meta-part. Recovery Vault keeps its meta-part.

Как восстановить данные с жесткого диска MAC OS

To restore, you must run the application window and select the scan type. If after the removal it took a little time, you can use the quick search, in other cases – deep. The scanning may be terminated at any time with the preservation of its results. Among the list of found files, you should select and run recovery.

To return the file to the Mac OS is not difficult. It is desirable to install a special utility or program to create backups. Otherwise you’ll have to spend a lot of time for the purchase of specialized tools and full disk scan.

It’s hard to get the files back after mechanical damage and if they were deleted a very long time. The sooner to start the restore operation, the greater the likelihood of success.

If you find a missing document, you must immediately stop any work on the computer. This will reduce the likelihood of a data record over a lost document.

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