How to recover data from DVD

By | 10.12.2018

How to recover data from DVD

Today DVDs are used slightly less often. However, they are commonly used to store information. For example, movies or anything like that. To damage the surface of the carrier of this type is very simple, which is its most important drawback. But dealing with it just. You need to use special software.

There are a number of different programs to recover data from DVD. Some of them are more effective, some less.

Recovery methods

To date, in any application whose primary purpose is the resuscitation of the data, the following methods work with disks:

  • the restoration of the structure of the file system;
  • recovery of erased file system data;
  • resuscitation signatures;
  • method of mixed type.

Some applications for working with troubled drives can use any one method of work, others allow you to choose how to work independently. Each method has its advantages.

Program overview

Data recovery from DVD is possible with a large number of different applications.

Today, the most popular are:

  • CDCheck;
  • Bad Copy Pro 4.10;
  • ISO Buster.

Application CDCheck allows to work not only with native speakers of this type, but also with many other (flash card, CD, hard drives). The program of this type allows to efficiently diagnose media – define its performance characteristics, manufacturer, and most likely the reason why the data was corrupted.

Как восстановить данные с диска DVD

The only drawback is some slowness. But it is connected with very careful study of the media and all information on it. The program is available on shareware terms.

BadCopy — a great tool for the treatment media of this type. Due to the wide functionality, designed by the manufacturer, the application can without any difficulties to revive files of any type. To work with this application does not require special knowledge – all operations are performed under the guidance of the built-in assistant.

Video: Restore the DVD with scratches

ISOBuster is a utility that allows you to interact with the images severely damaged drives. This application can work with any file extensions, whether ISO, NRG MDSили same. The processing and analysis of data is carried out extremely quickly. To get started, simply insert the media into the drive. Interface utility is extremely simple and intuitive.

Data recovery from DVD using applications

The process of resuscitation data is usually relatively large amount of time. It all depends on the application process.


Run the utility CDCheck. On the computer monitor a window will appear in the left part of which will be located the drive tree, and the right sorts of statistical information.

Inserting in the drive the drive, you must do the following:

  • select the device;
  • click on the button «test» located in the upper part of the window;
  • opens a dialog box where you will need to select the scan method, as well as the directory where data will be stored.

Как восстановить данные с диска DVD

During the process itself can be observed in a dedicated window is a text log. It displays all the information concerning the reading process and analyze the data present on the drive.

Как восстановить данные с диска DVD

BadCopyPro 4.10

To carry out the process using CDCheck, you must perform the following steps in strict order:

  • installed in the drive the problem media;
  • run the utility;
  • in the left part of the screen, find the label in the form of laser disc;
  • the right side will be a section called «CDDataRecovery», it is necessary to select:
    • the drive containing the data storage device;
    • any recovery mode;
    • click «Next»;
  • the scan in the right part of the window displays the files to be intensive care – mark required and again make «Next»;

    Как восстановить данные с диска DVD

  • the screen displays the recovery process, after which the utility will prompt the path where you want to save rescued files.

    Как восстановить данные с диска DVD


Not less convenient and functional utility for working with damaged media is ISOBuster.

After running this program you must:

  • in the upper part of the workspace, under the menu «file» and the others, select the source device;

    Как восстановить данные с диска DVD

  • in the right part of the window will contain all the read folders and individual files – click on them with the right button of the mouse.
  • in the opened contextual menu click on «extract»;

    Как восстановить данные с диска DVD

  • will start the extraction process, which will be displayed on the screen.

If necessary, you can cancel as copying a single file or all at once. For this purpose there are special settings. If the utility detects any bad sectors, then the user is prompted to choose the operation to be performed – you can try to read the section again, or just skip it. The selection can be automated by selecting the appropriate settings of the program.

Как восстановить данные с диска DVD

Media DVD-style today is highly outdated. However, they are used quite often. Damage data drives very easily, but if necessary, you can even read badly scratched media with the help of special applications.

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