How to recover data from corrupted hard drive

By | 10.12.2018

How to recover data from damaged hard drive

The hard drive is one of the main components of the PC, in fact it is stored all the information and operating system files to ensure its launch.

Sometimes the HDD can fail, which can make the inaccessible data stored on it. In this case, to despair early – they are often still possible to recover. In this article we consider the causes of mechanical and logical problems with your hard disk and the process of their recovery.

Mechanical problems

Mechanical or physical problems with the HDD arise as a result of damage or failure of some its components. Consider some of them.

Как восстановить данные с поврежденного жесткого диска

The appearance of the bad sectors of hard drive

This is one of the common problems that can occur because of the appearance of «broken» sectors.

Its characteristics can be considered:

  • errors that appear when working with some files;
  • the increase in boot time HDD;
  • the appearance of rattle during operation of the disk.

This problem is not critical. In its decision special utility, for example: HDDScan – to determine the presence of bad sectors, HDD Regenerator to restart their performance. If after applying data errors remain, you can try to recover them using special software. In this case, you can use any data recovery software – Recuva, R-studio and others.

The fault of the PCB

This problem arises if there is a problem with the power supply to the drive. To determine its is quite simple – the hard drive is either not run, or produces the characteristic tapping. Such a failure can be caused by incorrect connecting HDD to PC.

In this situation, you need to:

  • to check correctness of the connection;
  • to replace the Board;
  • to repair it.

Important! For replacement or repair of the printed circuit Board will probably need professional help.

Как восстановить данные с поврежденного жесткого диска

The problems with the magnetic heads

This problem is quite serious.

Her «symptoms» are:

  • unstable operation of the hard drive;
  • the appearance of the characteristic knocks and clicks.

BMG malfunction can cause data loss, so the repair of this component must be done very carefully. The solution is a replacement unit, which is preferably left to professionals.

Logical problems

The second group of faults are software faults, leading to other errors. Next, read more about the most common of them.

Formatting a disk drive

One of the common problems of such a plan. In case of accidental or resulting from the failure formatted HDD disappear all previously recorded data. To get them back by using a special software.

Как восстановить данные с поврежденного жесткого диска

Important! After formatting is necessary to ensure complete isolation of the hard drive. When writing a new data, previous files will be permanently lost.

Failure boot block of the hard disk

In this case, it becomes impossible to run the installed operating system. Error occurs when a serious failure of the OS, and also as a result of viruses. This problem is not very serious, and the data can be restored.

Video: Faulty hard drive

Preparation for data recovery from damaged hard disk

If you encounter logical (software) failures when the files on the hard drive is left in a suitable condition for recovery, you can begin the process of their «treatment» and saving. Before using intended programs, you need to prepare the hard drive to connect to another PC, after installing and use them on the damaged device will not work.

Use the external pocket hard drive

The pocket hard drive is a special device that allows you to plug it in and start using another PC.

Как восстановить данные с поврежденного жесткого диска

Please note! Pockets are available for different models of HDD, so before buying, make sure its full compatibility with your device.

The process of connecting the hard drive will look like the following:

  1. need a computer with the same operating system (if on a problem disk Windows is installed, on the PC for recovery must be installed on this OS);
  2. remove the Winchester from the broken PC;
  3. connect it to pocket and secure;

    Как восстановить данные с поврежденного жесткого диска

  4. the resulting external media device using the USB cable to connect to a running system;
  5. after determining the disk, you can view your saved files in case of problems with them – proceed to the recovery;
  6. if the desired data is determined normal – they just need to copy;
  7. after carrying out all necessary operations on disk, you can install the new OS.

The connection of the hard drive to the system unit of a computer

To start data recovery from damaged hard drive and using it connect directly to the system unit running computer. If you use the hard drive from the laptop – you will need a special adapter, which can be purchased in specialized stores.

Then follow step-by-step instructions:

  1. prepare a computer with the same operating system;
  2. take problem hard drive;

    Как восстановить данные с поврежденного жесткого диска

  3. connect it to a PC (using adapter, or a second HDD in the system unit);
  4. custom computer for it to recognized the new disk:
  • go into the BIOS, hold down while starting the system the «delete» key (may be different for different models);
  • find the section «Standard CMOS Settings» or «IDE Config»;
  • in the configure disks in the modes «master» and «slave» set all options to «auto-detection»;
  • save the changes and reboot your system.
  1. after it restarts go to «My computer», which should determine a new device;
  2. viewed, copied or files to be restored.

The Program R-Studio

When troubled, the Winchester is connected and identified by another computer, you can begin restoring data.

This process we consider the example R-Studio:

  • download and install the program on a working PC;
  • run it in the device list, find the desired disk;

    Как восстановить данные с поврежденного жесткого диска

  • select the option «Scan» and then «Advanced»;
  • if you need to recover specific file formats, specify them in the «Known file types»;
  • if you need to recover all the data, put a checkmark in «Search for known file types»;
  • run the scanning process and wait for it to finish;

    Как восстановить данные с поврежденного жесткого диска

  • after determining available to restore, select all or only those that you need and click «Recover».

Once the data becomes available again and saving them, the failed drive you can either format and install new operating system, or (if there is a serious problem) to get it repaired.

Now you know that when you have problems with the hard drive and inaccessibility of files on it is still too early to sound the alarm. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, the data can be saved independently or with the assistance of a professional.

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