How to recover data after formatting the stick and drive

By | 10.12.2018

How to recover data after formatting the stick and drive

Situations in life can be different and sometimes you can lose very important data. Fortunately, quite rare this happens forever and in most cases, perhaps all with ease. Important to own the right software and the right information.

Software developers are trying to make life easier for users. So today began to appear products, which may treat the file system. Most notably, it does not need to have special skills and knowledge.

Possible causes of data loss

To lose data for several reasons:

  • accidental removal. As a rule, most often this happens because of the user. Sometimes you can get rid of the desired content by negligence;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

Important! Try to use the basket, in order not to have problems.

  • viruses. Another common cause is virus and Trojans. They can make changes to the file structure;
  • clipboard. Sometimes problems can occur when using the function «cut»;
  • the problem with the media. If the flash drive or hard drive begin to «act up», some data may be lost.

In the first and third cases with a high probability to achieve success. If in case crept viruses or disk problems, then you should not hope for a positive outcome of the operation.

Algorithm to recover files

The treatment of the file system of hard drive regardless of software, running on a single algorithm.

It looks like this:

  1. the media selection;
  2. the choice of file types;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  3. a thorough scanning;
  4. processing of the results.

Depending on the selected software, the scanning process can vary. More professional versions work with the clusters, allowing you to achieve maximum results. Relatively simple samples working with temporal data.

A good example of formatting the stick and then later recover data

Often with flash drives problems happen and they have to be formatted. What to do if there is important data. Fortunately, you can still easily fix it.

Consider data recovery after formatting the stick in a maximally visual form:

  • take the stick and perform full formatting;
  • use the program GetDataBack. There are two varieties: FAT or NFTS systems. You need to choose the appropriate (most of the removable media utilize the FAT system);
  • run the utility. Choose a suitable recovery option in our case is the second;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  • selecting the appropriate script, click «next». This will open the scan window;
  • now the program will ask where to restore the data. Select the appropriate option and click next;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  • will start the search. Some time later, the choice of the file system. At this stage, you need to check the «show all»;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  • the result will be a list of data which can be cured. Find what you need allocated and click «copy». Then at the top of the program specify the save location.

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

The renewal data

There are many different programs to perform this operation. Each of them has certain features. Let us consider the most popular today.

Video: Restore deleted files

Recover My Files

This utility allows you to revive files, even after the deep formatting. However, it can be applied only in cases, when the drive is in normal mode. To do this, do the following:

  • open the program and find the location where the files have been deleted;
  • click Next;
  • in the window that appears, select Search for deleted files and click start. This will start the scanning process;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  • after a few minutes you will see a list of files that can be recovered.
  • if the required files could not be found, you must run the option «Search for deleted files then search for selected Lost file types». A search on the cluster level. He is far more advanced and effective;
  • please note that scanning in this case will be much longer. so scanning a disk capacity of 2 TB can go the whole day;
  • click on the Next button. A window will appear with the choice of file type. Please install only those that you need to find in order not to increase the time;
  • after some time, all content will be found. Please note that the lost files will lose their name. They will appear as LOSTFILE_тип filei set of numbers;
  • leads to the desired files and select the recovery button;

Typically, this utility is not always effective, if a bearer of a problem.

How to remove virus from computer? The answer here.


Typically, the operating system does not destroy the files physically. That is, information about this content is contained in a special table. It can only be overwritten, if in their place will be made the entry.

Experts advise before to recover data connect the hard drive (or similar media) to another computer. This is true in cases where the cause of the problem are viruses.

Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

Important! Try to do the restore immediately after data loss.

When the program starts, it begins to scan the storage medium for the presence of destroyed files (suitable FAT and NSTS system). The files that can 100% restore, highlight green. The red highlighting means that they are destroyed forever.

The procedure of using the program Recuva as follows:

  • download the application from. This can be done on the official website. It is distributed free of charge;
  • install it. However, you can use the Borland version (it does not require installation);
  • run the program. First wizard window is displayed. It will help to expose all the settings;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  • when you’re done, select the types of files needing treatment. It can be documents, music, archives, videos, etc. you Can select all at once, but then the scanning process will take a lot of time;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  • then the program will ask you to select a carrier. Again, you can select all;
  • click on the Start button. Starts scanning;
  • after some time (depends on media capacity) the search is completed;
  • if the results it gave, you should activate the «deep scan». It is more effectively;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  • finding everything you need, allocated content and select «restore selected». Remember to save all necessary data to another drive. Otherwise they may be overwritten.

Note some preventive measures to avoid such problems:

  • use high-quality anti-virus software. Do not forget to continuously update them;
  • regularly defragmenting gestaltica;
  • use utilities to treat the file system;

How to recover data after formatting disk in R-Studio

This program is quite powerful, as it uses effective scanning methods. However, even he was not able to give 100% results. There is always a chance that the procedure fails. For example, in the case of damage clusters, she will be powerless.

However, negative results are still less than positive. In most cases, a surface formatting that leaves the cell information intact. If you previously applied low-level format, the chance to save the data equal to zero.

Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

Tip: use Victoria tool to check drives for defects. It gives the maximum detailed and accurate information.

The above R Studio to recover:

  • deleted from the basket data.
  • destroyed as a result of bypassing the recycle bin (shortcut);
  • damaged (partially) media. Of course, in this case, the chances of success are significantly less.

However, the developers claim that in any case the chances of success are high.

The process of using this program is as follows:

  • download and install the app. It is better to use the official site so as not to pick up various junk FOR you;
  • run the utility. In the top left corner, you can find a panel that is in order given all the hard and removable drives connected to the computer;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  • select the item «scan». This will start the search. The greater the volume of media, the longer it will be;
  • after a while you will see a list of all file systems active on your computer. If we are talking about the flash drive, it will be FAT 32. Choose all you need;
  • called on the selected system context menu and click «restore all files»;

    Как восстановить данные после форматирования флешки и диска

  • then you need to choose a place where they will be saved. Don’t forget that you cannot use the same media. You can use an extra removable drive. Select «Yes»;
  • after some time there will be a folder with all the restored objects.

That failed to save, you can try to recover with other software. If this did not yield their fruit, include the drive to the service center. Specialists, having the right equipment will be able to bring him back to life.

As you can see, unexpected deletion of files there is no problem. Showing a little effort and patience, you can easily undo it. To avoid such problems in the future, try to regularly make the diagnosis of carriers.

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