How to reboot IPhone if it is hung

By | 10.12.2018

How to reboot IPhone if it is hung

iPhone most popular smartphone in the world. The giant number of inhabitants of the planet they are literally delusional. The relevance of this electronic device each year higher and higher. It also caused the permanent records of sales of iPhones.

Due to the fact that the IPhone is a technically complex device, it has certain failures. Nothing strange in this, as difficulties occur in almost any technique. The most common problem with these smartphones is hanging, which causes a considerable amount.

Braking or even hang product from Apple can happen in a variety of situations:

  • during phone calls;
  • when installing applications.
  • when moving file data, etc.

Как перезагрузить Айфон если он завис

Often the cause of freezes can be a replacement firmware that can «not weak» kink. Although installing the regular version of firmware on this device may cause it to hang. In short, the IPhone hangs and many owners simply have no idea what to do with it.

It is important to know what to do if hangs smartphone from Apple. There are several effective ways that in most cases, revive Your favorite Communicator. Crashes happen almost all operating systems, and IOS is not an exception.

Basic signs hang the device – not responding to keystrokes, and touching the sensor device.

Possible causes

There are many reasons why I like the IPhone, and the most common reason for this failure is the conflict of the program code of an application, with a portion of the active code of the device from Applee.

More than 90% of cases, when an iPhone freezes, it occurs due to a software error. If the problem persists for a long time, or an inconvenience – it is necessary to consult specialists. Such trouble in a short time can be eliminated by specialists.

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Easy to hang

Often with IPhones there are strange cases where that has not manifested on other smartphones: at one point, the display device ceases to respond to touch, and this feature of his behavior can last up to 30 seconds.

Some owners of this smartphone say that this problem often happens when the emergence of all kinds of notifications on your smartphone display, but also it is possible to meet and on the display lock. Another unpleasant feature — while typing in programs, the keypad freezes and does not respond to user actions.

A lot of active applications

Often the hang of the IPhone due to the huge number of active applications that significantly load the CPU and RAM. In this case, you must remove the most demanding applications.

To do this:

  • to return to the desktop by pressing the «Home» button, and then double-click the Home button. This displays a list of active applications;
  • press and hold the frozen application icon;
  • at the beginning of shake it, press confirm the action;
  • double-click the Home button and restart the app.

Not correct iOS

Every update to IOS, despite the assurances of manufacturers, carries certain hidden threats. Of course, the key errors in it are corrected, speed is also significantly higher than in the previous version.

However, despite the fact that the overall performance of IOS have not changed, many owners of the Apple smartphone are complaining of frequent hanging.

Installed jailbreak

Installed on the IPhone Jailbreak is often a reason for unresponsiveness of the device. Restoring your device after the jailbreak went without complications with DFU. In General, these actions, there is potential danger if they are implemented correctly – the iPhone turns on normally, it does, and does not fails.

Как перезагрузить Айфон если он завис

Ways to withdraw iPhone from hovering

Despite all the advantages, sometimes the Apple’s new smartphone could hang when too many programs run simultaneously. It is a difficulty which can be deduced from pants of the functioning of powerful portable computers, and even smartphone.

However, even if your IPhone brakes and freezes, no good reasons for concern. It is important to know what to do, as it can be elementary resuscitated and return to normal functioning.

Leave iPhone alone

In most situations, with hanging the Communicator himself back from the hung state and will begin regular work without delay. If nothing happens or you need to use the device, go to another method.

To restart with the Power button

If hung IPhone, the easiest way to reboot is to use the Power button.

The sequence of actions is:

  • click on the off button (sleep/ Wake). It is located on the top of the unit, and you must hold it until then, until you see red stripe (not more 5 seconds);
  • steer to the right the red bar to turn off the device;
  • again, press the power button, holding it until then, until you see the Apple icon.

If your device does not respond at all, and the freeze lasts a reasonable amount of time, it is necessary to use an alternate method reboot.

To do this:

  • simultaneously hold down the off and Home for 10 seconds;
  • the appearance of the icon of Apple will mean that the reset was successful.

Described method allows not only to ensure sagging of the system, but it is likely to fix some internal error. But always remember that if you are able to successfully apply the first method, which is milder, it is recommended to use it.

Hard (alternative) method should be used only in the most extreme cases and use them constantly is not necessary.

Restart without pressing buttons

This method is appropriate in a situation where the Apple will cease to function by mechanical key with a specific resource. Then it can fail. In Apple device there is the possibility of gesture control, which carry out switching off the device. It’s called «Assistive Touch» and it must be previously enabled.

To switch the device off by using this feature, you must:

  • go to main menu = > Settings = > General = > accessibility => «Assistive Touch»;
  • the slider placed in the «on»position;
  • touch on the button, and then displayed functionality «Assistive Touch»;
  • go to «Device»;
  • in the active window select «Lock screen». It should hold for 2-3 seconds, then the display will switch to the locked position in which you want to implement the «Swipe» to the right to disconnect the IPhone.

Как перезагрузить Айфон если он завис

Hanging Apple of the Communicator is not a rare phenomenon. The above methods, if successful, allow you to get out of the situation unscathed. However, there are situations when the device’s operating system is very corrupted that the download is impossible. In Windows helps reinstallation of the operating system, the iPhone – the approach is similar.

In case of success, will be restored to factory settings and installed the latest version of the firmware. But you will lose all personal data like music, videos, contact information and calendars. At the same time, if the device is synced with iTunes to restore all of this can be in the shortest time.

If reinstallation of system did not solve the problem – just have to turn to trusted professionals and hope that they will be able to resuscitate Your beloved device.

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