How to project Windows Phone 8.1 screen on PC

By | 10.12.2018

How to project screen Windows Phone 8.1 on PC

When the first devices with Windows Phone, many wondered why Microsoft released such a crude product. The platform did not even have elementary functions, including the ability to take screenshots of the screen. With the release of Windows Phone 7.5, the situation has straightened out a bit. The new version was a bit more functional, but also not allowed to take pictures of the screen.

Later, however, for some devices was released firmware from third-party developers, after which users had the opportunity to establish so-called homebrew applications, including tools for creating screenshots of the screen. With the advent of Windows Phone 8, things got much better and finally learned how to do many of the things she could not for a couple of years.

Now, when Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 8.1, anyone can project the screen of your phone to external display via USB or Miracast. Below I will explain how to do it, if you still don’t know.

Note: for this to work, your device must be installed the Windows Phone 8.1 update – fortunately, it can get absolutely everyone. In addition, your PC must be running Windows 7 or higher.

Project Windows Phone 8.1 on PC

First, install the Project My Screen on your computer. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft download center.

Next, launch the installed application. By default, Project My Screen runs in full-screen mode, as well as any Modern application. If you want to switch to windowed mode, just press F.

Now connect your phone with USB cable and in the settings menu of your phone go to «Projector screen» (the»Project My Screen»). When on the phone screen will appear a message asking you to allow the broadcast image to the external display – click «Yes».

You will then see a screen of Windows Phone 8.1 Project My Screen. One caveat – the audio is not yet supported.

If you click «Advanced» under «project my screen» on the phone, you will see the option «Show touch». After you enable this option in the Project window My Screen will show a dot when you touch the phone screen. This is to ensure that people find it easier to observe your demonstration.

Как проецировать экран Windows Phone 8.1 на ПК

If you want to learn shortcuts that allow you to manage the Project My Screen application, choose Help > Controls.

By the way, I discovered an interesting feature: Project My Screen allows you to operate the phone in Windows 8.1. Yes, you can run computer apps on the phone, play music, etc. However, I also found that it doesn’t work in Windows 7.

What to do if your phone screen is not broadcast?

If the phone screen is not transmitted, most likely, this is due to the drivers phone. But Microsoft offers good advice on how to solve the problem: open «device Manager», locate all drivers with the name of your phone, click on them right mouse button and choose «Delete». Then disconnect the phone from the computer and plug it in again. The operating system will update the driver, then the stream will start to work normally.

Windows Phone 8.1 also allows you to project the image wirelessly, but it requires a display that supports Miracast. Such devices now are rare, so most of us remains nothing, except how to use a USB cable, but this method works fine.

In General, Microsoft has offered a great way of mirroring your Windows Phone 8.1 to the big screen, but in the future I would like to see more functions. For example, it lacks the ability to record the live image. Alas, it is not clear whether or not this app is more opportunities, but the odds are great.

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