How to operate the Intel RealSense, and Windows Hello in Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

How they work Intel RealSense, and Windows Hello Windows 10

In the past, the laptops often came with tools that were added to Windows authorization by face recognition, but most of these programs can be bypassed simply by showing a webcam photo of the user of the computer. However, with Windows Hello, Microsoft has implemented a higher level of security and for this reason the new function can only work in conjunction with a specialized device that is able to reconstruct the face in 3D.

Как работают Intel RealSense и Windows Hello в Windows 10

One of the few devices compatible with Windows Hello, is the Intel RealSense sensor that must be placed above the monitor, and includes two different cameras: standard with Full HD resolution and infrared. Combining the image with these two cameras, the RealSense able to reconstruct the user’s face to confirm his identity. The device has not yet been officially released, but on the Intel site, you can purchase a developer version for $ 99.

Как работают Intel RealSense и Windows Hello в Windows 10

The installation process RealSense not hard, not fast. You first need to place the sensor in the top of the monitor and connect the wire to a USB 3.0 port. The system then automatically install some drivers, but for Windows Hello the sensor is not. To add the appropriate setting in the menu of Windows 10, you must download and install the Intel RealSense SDK. Only after you install this SDK in the options menu will appear Windows Hello with a switch for the function of face recognition.

Как работают Intel RealSense и Windows Hello в Windows 10

After the official launch of Windows 10, and launch the compatible with Hello devices described above, the process should be automated, but for now we have what we have.

Fortunately, the process of Association of a person with a Microsoft account is much, much faster: the camera scans your face and saves it on computer in a few seconds. It is possible to activate the enhanced security that requires a slight turn to the right or to the left at the time of entry into the system.

Как работают Intel RealSense и Windows Hello в Windows 10

Authentication system «in the face» was thoroughly tested in various conditions, and every time Windows Hello learned user instantly. Built-in webcam and microphone, by the way, excellent quality so can be used for other purposes.

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