how to open ports on router Zyxel

By | 10.12.2018

Instructions for opening ports on the router Zyxel

For specific programs and services on your computer often requires additional configuration of the router. It may be necessary for operation of the torrent-client, IPTV, to operate an ftp or web server. Simply put, this is the program waiting for a network connection from the Internet.

What is port and why to open it?

Network port – this parameter is the Internet Protocol that allows multiple programs to interfere with each other. In other words, the number is the identifier for the application waiting for an incoming connection. Usually in home network Internet is distributed with router, so configure is necessary.

Инструкция по открытию портов на роутере Zyxel

Setup required, if you use:

  1. p2p client like downloading from torrents.
  2. a network game.
  3. local web server for testing websites.

Open the port on the router Zyxel

It is necessary to organize a network stream so that all packets from the Internet is transmitted to the IP address of your computer or another PC on the local network.

To do this go to menu of your router:

  1. to get to the settings panel, open the browser and in the address bar, enter This is the network address of the router by default.

    Инструкция по открытию портов на роутере Zyxel

  2. enter the couple of login and password and go to the tab «Firewall». Choose to Add a new rule;
  3. in setting select the option to Enable and select the desired Protocol. Menu destination port Number enter the port number that you want to open. And click on Save;

In Zyxel Keenetic will need:

  1. go into menu Home network, you can choose sub Servers and enable the Redirection of ports;

    Инструкция по открытию портов на роутере Zyxel

  2. to specify a port number, Protocol, internal address PC destination to allow access from the Internet;

In English firmware router sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. on the left select the NET WORK;
  2. in the drop-down list, select NAT;

    Инструкция по открытию портов на роутере Zyxel

  4. in the Default Server enter the address of the computer and click Add;
  5. put a check Active, specify the Port and Server IP address and click Apply;

New routers build support for the UPnP standard, when you use that does not require user intervention, the program will adjust automatically.

How do you know that the port is open?

After the necessary settings are done, you should make sure that everything is configured correctly. The easiest way is go to the website of any Internet scanner, specify the required port and press the test button. After that, you can be sure that we did everything right.

Инструкция по открытию портов на роутере Zyxel

However, not always these settings are enough. Often a situation arises when the user is behind another router provider. Thus, to open the port in itself is not enough. But to the ISP’s router, of course, access nobody will.

In this case, it is necessary for the additional service the external Static IP. When you connect this service, our IP address on the Internet is taken out of the router provider. Open the port on our equipment and everything works.

To open a port in Zyxel router – the problem is quite specific, not all needed. To configure the router is not so difficult, sure, but you should consider some pitfalls.

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