How to measure Internet speed more accurately

By | 11.12.2018

How to measure Internet speed more accurately

Как измерить скорость Интернета более точно

You think that the Internet is too slow, though the ISP claims that the speed corresponds to the contract. How to check the veracity of these assertions? Unfortunately, existing network services to measure the connection speed does not always give accurate results. Sometimes this is because applied is not the most effective method of measurement, but often, the problem «is on our side.»

Here are four rules that must be followed for a more accurate measurement of the speed of the Internet.

1. Always restart your modem and router

Как измерить скорость Интернета более точно

Reset device – this standard the first step is usually proposed for solving almost any technical problem, especially important for routers and high speed digital modems. Both devices, in fact, are mini-computers. Tiny computers that perform major functions, such as ensuring the correct direction all types of traffic from all your fixed and mobile devices connected to the Internet. Like desktops or smartphones, they eventually also begin to falter. This manifests itself in slow loading web pages or «braking» of streaming video. So a reboot helps to return the device to a fully functional state.

2. Do not use the Internet for other purposes while checking

You probably guessed themselves about this very important rule. Obviously, dozens of open web pages on the computer will distort the measurement results, but also make sure that all other programs and devices that use the Internet are disabled. Offhand here are some examples: music services working in a background mode, automatic downloading of patches via Windows Update, live streaming TV on the TV in the next room, etc.

Do not forget about mobile devices. Most smartphones, detecting your wireless network, it automatically connects to it. Therefore, at the time of the test, put your smartphone in airplane mode (unless you use it to measure the speed of Internet). When you are not sure whether some device is currently online, it is best to disable it before starting the measurements.

3. Don’t forget to clear the browser cache

Как измерить скорость Интернета более точно

Another reasonable action that must be done before testing the speed of your Internet connection, clear your browser cache. And you have to do it every time, if you want to perform multiple tests in a row. Most speed tests work by Internet upload and download one or more files of a certain size, and then, according to the amount of time that it takes, calculate the speed of the connection.

So if you’re running the test several times, each subsequent result can be distorted, because these files remain on your computer after the previous test (i.e. they are cached).

Obviously you can skip this step if you are using to check the speed of the Internet, a special app or another (not browser-based) method.

4. Use the services based on HTML5

Last but not the least important tip – use the services of measuring the speed of the Internet is based on HTML5. Experts believe that the tests, which are based on Flash technology, have a margin of error up to 40%.

The most popular speed meter Speedtest is currently working on Flash, but soon the service will fully switch to the use of HTML5. Although to test beta Speedtest HTML5 you can now.

Conclusion: remember that no test is perfect

Using the above tips you can minimize error when measuring the speed of your Internet connection, which will improve the accuracy of the results. However, keep in mind that you will receive immediate assessment of the quality of the current connection between your device and the testing server. That is, you will have a General idea of how fast (or slow) your Internet connection, but this does not mean that the same throughput is maintained during the connection between your device and any other point in the network.

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