How to make Yandex start page in browser

By | 10.12.2018

How to make Yandex start page in browser

If you have been dreaming to make Yandex start page, but you have not reached or you do not know how to do it – article is for you.

By the way, what happens when Yandex set as the start page? Clicking on the icon of the browser automatically opens the web page of a Search engine.

The knowledge of how to set a particular webpage as important – is useful. You can always make the page you start and not lose too much time. We decided to take the example of Yandex, because this search engine is recognized as the most used in Russia.

Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

The algorithm setup of the main page are about the same for most browsers.

We will see how to make home page for:

  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Opera;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Internet Explorer;
  • Yandex Browser;
  • Safari.

The main Yandex page in Mozilla Firefox

To make Yandex home page in the Muff Firefox, perform the following steps:

  • go to «Tools»;
  • go to the tab «Settings»;
  • click on the line «Main» is the first window in the settings;
  • find the words «Home page or «Home Page» in the General settings;

    Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

  • in the line «Home page» enter
  • click «OK».

As you can see, to make Yandex home page on the Muff quite simple.

In addition, the Muff provides a unique option to search the Yandex home page by default. To search for information in a search engine with these settings is much simpler: the sites visited are displayed automatically.

How to make Yandex home page by default?

  • open your browser and go to «Settings»;
  • find the unit «default Browser»;
  • find the button «make Yandex the default browser»;
  • click «OK».

The main page of Yandex in Opera

The interfaces of most browsers are similar, so the installation start page in Opera is similar to installing it on the Muff.

How to make Yandex the only start page for Opera:

  1. open the browser;
  2. go to settings Opera;
  3. follow the path: Tools – Settings – General;

    Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

  4. go to the tab «Main». In the line at startup select «start with home page»;
  5. in the line «Home» hammered url Yandex;
  6. agree with your action – click «OK».

The main page of Yandex in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a great browser, rapidly gaining popularity among users of the Network. It features a simple and pleasant interface, clear even to a child.

Setting the start page on Google Chrome will be a little different from the already considered algorithms. This is due to the fact that the browser is young and it will use the new development.

However, there is nothing difficult if you know a specific algorithm:

  • find your browser Settings (button in the upper right corner of the screen);
  • consistently follow the path: configuration and Administration – Options – Main Tab;
  • in the Main tab we are interested in categories of the Initial Group, and Home;
  • choose «Open home page» (in the category of «Elementary group);
  • choose «Open this page» and drive in place of the url of Yandex;
  • click on the checkbox «Show home button on toolbar»;
  • click «Close».

    Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

You can also make «Yandex mail» main page in Google. When opening browser, you will open up a page with Yandex Mail. Many Runet users have several email boxes. For example, one drawer is meant for business correspondence and another for communicating with friends.

Another handy addition to Google Chrome is a visual bookmark. They help go to interesting your page with one click.

Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

The tabs are small thumbnails of frequently visited pages. In the settings you can change the quantity, color, General background, and also to remove or add a new bookmark.

Their main advantage – it saves time.

Probably, the user wants to set up a virtual tab in Chrome Yandex. Remember that this option is available for Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Consider how to add a virtual bookmark on the example of Google Chrome:

  • open the browser;
  • click on the icon with three lines in the upper right corner;
  • go under Tools – Extensions;
  • click on the line «Extensions»;
  • get to the page with the url «chrome://extensions»;
  • click on the option «More extensions»;
  • you fell into the category of Extensions Google Chrome. Of interest to us here are visual bookmark. However, there is still a lot of interesting options and tools. You can view them by clicking on the option. The task of the user is to find the tools which will be convenient for him;
  • go back to the visual bookmark. To install click on the icon «Free»;

    Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

  • I agree with the rules of installation and click on the «Add» button;

    Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

  • when you added the option to be loaded, re-open the browser. You will see a page with a bookmark. The system will automatically add to bookmark the most visited websites;
  • edit, transform, use imagination!

Visual bookmarks, Yandex is one of the most popular tools among users. This is not surprising as they are useful, convenient and always updated by developers.

Video: How to make Yandex start page

The main Yandex page in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer features a wide variety of versions that are installed on laptops or PC with Windows.

We will consider how to make Yandex home page for new versions of Internet Explorer 10 and 11. The algorithm setup of the main page for earlier versions of the browser similar to the us instruction.

The algorithm setting home page for Internet Explorer:

  • find the Settings button (top right);
  • select the tab «Internet options»;
  • find the item «Home page» and score it a hyperlink Also Internet Explorer provides a unique opportunity to make a few starting pages. To do this in same window write the url of the desired page;
  • under startup select «Start with home page»;
  • click «OK».

    Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

If you are the owner of Internet Explorer 9 (or other, earlier versions of the browser) and you can’t set the master page, then write your problems on the official site. The request will be added to competent people who will soon answer how to fix the problem.

The main page of Yandex Yandex browser

The interface of Yandex browser-like interface of Chrome, since both were made on the same engine.

However, there are differences, so setting the home page in the Yandex will be a little different – a Russian company has made the changes:

  1. open browser settings (the gear icon at the top of the page);
  2. find the «Settings»tab;
  3. in the menu click on «Restore tabs from last time»;
  4. under search, choose «Yandex».

    Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

Browser Russian company provides the ability to select multiple starting pages. Automatically add most visited web sites.

On the kind of virtual bookmarks Google Chrome, this browser supports a panel of tiles with frequently visited sites. Is possible to remove the junk and add new sites. This is done through the «settings» button – «Add».

Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

For people who don’t like dubious sites, the Russian giant has developed a special version of the browser – family-Yandex. You can safely allow their children to computer – unnecessary information and suspicious websites strictly filtered.

It is difficult to say which browser is better: Google Chrome or Yandex browser. Both are quite comfortable and easy to use.

The main Yandex page in Safari

Safari is a young browser, designed for Apple products.

All advanced users of iPads, iPhones and MacBook know about the simplicity epplovskogo browser.

To set the home page in Safari is very simple:

  1. look in the upper right corner, the gear icon;
  2. go to «Settings»;
  3. select «Main»;

    Как сделать стартовой страницей Yandex в браузерах

  4. in the «Home page» enter the url of your desired website.

What to do if you fail to make Yandex start page

Sometimes this situation: you follow the instructions, and the desired result is not reached. Especially frustrating when it’s impossible to make a convenient installation or updating on computer.

If you are unable to set home page of browser through the settings, there are other ways:

  • download «»;
  • to purge your computer using antivirus. Try to set the home page again;
  • if these methods do not work, contact support for your operating system: specifically describe what error produces the program, feel free to add explanatory screenshots.

Bring the matter to an end. Once you understand how to set start page, you can not only save your personal time, but also become the advanced computer user.

This article is written with the aim of expanding knowledge of the user about the computer. Now you know how to set a home page in the browser and configure visual bookmark. These tools are handy, save time and make you an advanced user of the Internet.

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