How to make Windows 10 to forget a Wi-Fi network

By | 11.12.2018

How to get Windows 10 to forget a Wi-Fi network

If you connect your Windows 10 PC to a different wireless network, the operating system will remember it and will continue to offer or attempt to connect to it. If you continue going from time to time to use this network, you can leave everything unchanged. In other cases, the unused network profile can be removed.

In Windows 10, this is done somewhat differently than in Windows 8.1, but also very simple. In the start menu, open the app «Settings» (Settings), click «Network & Internet» (Network and Internet), and then in the left options panel select Wi-Fi. In the next window you will see «Manage known networks» (known networks). Click on the network you want to forget, and then click the button «Forget» (Forget) and unnecessary network profile is deleted.

Как заставить Windows 10 забыть Wi-Fi сеть

The same can be done using running as administrator the command prompt. Open the CMD console and execute in it command netsh wlan show profiles. When this happens, Windows will give a list of all saved wireless profiles. Locate the name of the network you want to delete and then execute the following command:

netsh wlan delete profile name = «network_name».

Как заставить Windows 10 забыть Wi-Fi сеть

If networking has accumulated a lot, you can delete them in one fell swoop, by running the command netsh wlan delete profile name=* i=*. Only when it is necessary to consider that are all deleted network without exception, and unnecessary, and those that you use for the Internet.

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