How to make the distribution of Wi Fi with laptop

By | 10.12.2018

How to make the distribution of Wi Fi from the laptop

With the opportunities offered by wireless access to the Internet, it is difficult to overestimate. The main knot to secure the services of the most popular communication standard Wi-Fi is router.

But what if the router is missing and you want to connect multiple users to the world wide web or other resources? Such decisions have long applied, which requires only a laptop or a stationary PC with a communication module.

Access point Wi-Fi using Windows

One of the most popular families of operating systems installed on home and personal computers in the world still remains Windows. If outdated versions are not allowed without additional software to install virtual router, then releases the situation is much improved.

The standard features of the system allow for this procedure it is, but this will require a little preparation. Windows 7, unlike the latest versions of 8 or 8.1, allows you to make router Wi-Fi from a laptop or PC using the intuitive wizard.

Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

You will need to implement some of the following steps:

  1. first of all, you should ensure that the communication adapter the computer is turned on. You can check the icon in the system tray or by going to «control Center network and sharing» in control Panel;

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

  2. then, in the above window, you must select «setup new connection». The system will offer several possible ways of which you will need to select «set up wireless network the computer-computer»;

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

  3. after this step, you will be an important part of where you will be given the opportunity of identification and installation of security properties. For starters, you need to specify the ID of the Wi-Fi so devices can find it and connect. You can set the necessary value of the security, specifying the required level of encryption required for these purposes, protocols. After this step, you can begin to work;
  4. after the previous step, you should pay attention to one important point. In order to avoid any problems with the connection from other users, you will need to give permission to any user to use a desired connection. For this purpose, in the section «control Center network and sharing» select the item «Change adapter settings». Next on the tab «Access» is marked «Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet».

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

Command line

The distribution of Wi Fi from the laptop through the command line can be carried out on all current versions of Windows. In this case, you will need knowledge of some commands which can be found in online help.

The configuration process is quite simple and is as follows:

  1. to begin configuring, you must go to the command prompt. To do this, click «start» choose «Run» (early version) or just entered in the search string command «cmd». The search returns a link to the relevant utility by pressing the right mouse button on the select «Run as administrator»;

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

  2. in the appeared window command line, you must enter a series of commands that will help you to create Ad-Hoc. For starters, it is important to check the compatibility of the adapter drivers the opportunity to create a virtual router. The team performing this query looks like this – «netsh wlan show drivers» (enter the command without quotation marks). The results of the command should be a line «hosted network Supported: Yes». If such a line is present – it is possible to continue the installation;

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

  3. then, using the command «netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = NAME key = PASSWORD» point is created Ad-Hoc. Instead of a value NAME and PASSWORD is entered the identifier of the future of the router and its password. The input is written in Latin alphabet;

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

  4. the link is created, but now it must be enabled. This applies to the command «netsh wlan start hostednetwork»;

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

  5. to work correctly you need to grant permission to other users to use your Internet connection. To this end, in the section «control Center network and sharing» select the item «Change adapter settings». Next on the tab «Access» is marked «Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet».

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

Further management can be done from the menu «Network connections» in Windows control Panel. The distribution of Wi Fi from the laptop through the command line will be relevant when we need to create a link, but you don’t have appropriate SOFTWARE.

Internet programs

The above capabilities are basic and do not have a flexible configuration that is required for more convenient operation. Using a third party application, you can get more features in terms of organization of connection or control him.

Virtual Router Plus

This application supports latest version of Windows allowing you to create a Wi-Fi connection with the ability to control it.

Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

Virtual Router Plus has a number of advantages, which distinguish it from the analogues.

Briefly, its features are as follows:

  • open source – the possibility of revision and continuous improvement of the product;
  • the opportunity to work with the vast majority of used types of connections;
  • correct work with different versions of Windows, including the latest releases;
  • portability – use without a need of installation on hard disk.

Configuration is intuitive.

After running the executable, a window appears where you must specify initial values:

  • network name – the name of the point;
  • password – the password to protect it;
  • shared connection to the ISP, which will be used for other devices.

Video: wi-fi Internet with laptop

After the introduction of the required data, you can run a software router and get to work. For correct operation you need the support of the adapter drivers, the possibility of creating a virtual Ad-Hoc, and lack of restrictions when using the firewall.

A notable feature Virtual Router Plus is that it can act as a signal repeater router. With configure it in a special way, it is possible to significantly increase the coverage area of a Wi-Fi signal if the situation demands it.

Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

WiFi Creator

This utility, unlike its predecessor, requires no installation on your PC or laptop, and this should be done as administrator. Then you can begin to install or operate it.

Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

Step by step this process can be represented as follows:

  1. in the window that opens on the Management tab, you can select the desired OSD language, and to allow the utility to be started automatically together with the start of the PC;
  2. in the «Settings» or «Setting TD» (depending on version) it is necessary to formulate the basic values:
  • «Network name SSID» – here you specify a name for the virtual point;
  • «Network key» the password;
  • «Internet connection» select the connection that will serve as the basis for wireless connection;
  1. following this data you can start working by clicking on «Start access point».

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

    If all settings were made correctly, and the driver communication adapter support virtual Ad-Hoc, the distribution of Wi Fi with laptop programs WiFi Creator will happen automatically even after a reboot.


Another simple and popular utility to create a virtual router with only laptop or PC. As the above mentioned utility, this app is completely free, it has a small size.

After installation, need to check the capacity of Internet usage if you use firewall. Providing the appropriate rights, you can start to run the utility.

The parameters of this program are not much different from those mentioned before. You need to run it with administrator rights. This can be done by selecting the appropriate item in the context menu opened by right-clicking on the utility icon.

After that, My Public WiFi will require you to enter basic ID:

  • network name – name of router;
  • network key password, consisting of at least 8 characters;
  • enable internet sharing – it is necessary to note this point, which is responsible for the use of the connection другимb users. Then in the dropdown list you want to choose the option that will be used by other devices;
  • set up and start hotspot – the final action that causes the application to work.

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

    The special menu tab «Clients» allows you to see devices connected at the moment. Menu «Management» provides the possibility of additional configuration. Here you can enable the firewall or the download together with the launch of the operating system.

Switch Virtual Router

Simple, free and it established programs include, Switch and Virtual Router. Distribution Wi-Fi from laptop with Virtual Router program Switch is performed in much the same way as in the case of other solutions described above.

Management utility looks simple and requires the introduction of primary information about your connection:

  1. under «Settings» go to menu «General», introduced key parameters:
  • the name of the router – SSID identifier;
  • password and confirm password according to its password;
  1. in this section you can set the application startup and set point Ad-Hoc with Windows, and enable viewing associated devices and to set display options for the utility.

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

After entering all data, you will need to provide the opportunity for bandwidth by other users, which will need to specify this in the settings of the operating system. After that, pressing the «Start» button, the wireless access point will be activated and you can use it.

Distribution Wi-Fi from laptop using Connectify

Connectify is a small, but very convenient product for sharing Wi Fi with a laptop. Though the decision and pay, it shows a high stability, speed and ease of use. It allows you to choose the encryption algorithm and keep track of the connected users.

After installing the software should:

  1. to run the application as administrator;
  2. button «Easy Setup Wizard» in the main menu gives you the opportunity just a couple of clicks to establish a connection;
  3. the window «wifi Device» allows you to select a network connection through which it will work for other devices.
  4. «Network Name» – name of the new point.
  5. «Hotspot Mode» – select the encryption options.

    Как сделать раздачу Вай Фай с ноутбука

  6. «Password» – enter the user password according to the requirements of the selected encryption Protocol.
  7. The «Shared Connection» — select the connection that will be used by other devices.
  8. «Configuration» – the completion of the setup process. To do this, select the item «Start Hotspot after closing Wizard», click Finish and you are ready to hand Wi Fi.

As practice shows, to carry out the distribution of traffic from a personal computer and other devices can be quite simple using several options. The built-in Windows tools or the inclusion of virtual access point from the command line can be attributed to the solutions used periodically. If such a need arises constantly – it is necessary to use specialized tools.

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