How to make an album sheet in Word?

By | 09.12.2018

How to make an album sheet in Word?

Working with sheets in the text editor Microsoft word is one of the easiest classes. You can create, delete, resize, flip etc, with the pages of documents you can do whatever your heart desires (or almost all).

Как сделать альбомный лист в Ворде?

Today we will discuss this operation as a coup of the sheet. Speaking on more professional terms – the change in the orientation of the leaves. This is done with a few clicks, but some users and this can cause problems. So I have prepared a special manual that will help you in the future to make an album sheet in Word.

So, consider a few simple ways to implement this operation.

How to make an album sheet in Word 2007?

Method 1

Suppose we have a document which has one page. Your task is to turn it 90 degrees. To do this:

In the upper part of the window find the tab «page Layout» and click on it.

Next, find the tool «Orientation» and click on it with the left mouse button. Which opens a drop-down list in which you need to select «Landscape«.

Как сделать альбомный лист в Ворде?

After that all pages in your document will be rotated 90 degrees, and externally will look like pages from the sketchbook.

Method 2

To implement it again you need to go to the tab «page Layout«. Next you must open the dialog box «page setup», you can do this by pressing the special button, the location of which is shown in the screenshot below:

After you perform in the dialog box, in the tab «Field» (the default), we find two icon with the signatures of «Portrait» and «Landscape«. In accordance with our purpose we choose the last icon, clicking on it with the left mouse button. Then click on the button «OK«.

How to make a separate sheet in Word to landscape?

Before that, we discussed ways to change the orientation of all the sheets in the document. Now e let’s I will tell you how to make 1 sheet in Word 2007 separate, and leave the rest unchanged.

Как сделать альбомный лист в Ворде?

So, to make this operation we need to select all the contents on the sheet, which requires a coup. If there’s no text, no pictures, just select spaces, entery and other margins (they are always on the leaves).

Как сделать альбомный лист в Ворде?

Did? Then run the command «page Layout» — «page Settings» (for information on how to do it – see the photo above).

Now, in the dialog box, select the orientation «Landscape«. Later in the section «Apply:» from the drop-down list, select «selected text«.

After that is just click «OK» and the dialog will close themselves. And you get one of the pages in the document in landscape orientation. Similarly you can repeat the above instructions and turn any other page you want.

Как сделать альбомный лист в Ворде?

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