How to make a tablet is not discharged rapidly

By | 10.12.2018

How to make a tablet is not discharged quickly

The tablet is the representative of new technologies. With this portable device you can surf the Internet, read books, chat, spend time in interesting games and use it as a photo or a video camera.

But, like all technology, it’s not perfect. All portable devices have their own operating time on a fully charged battery.

Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

The tablets, depending on the capacity of the battery and level of congestion, this period ranges from several hours to five days. Sometimes it is faster and speaks about the problems that need to be addressed.

Causes and solutions

The cause of this problem may be different factors, each of which has its own characteristics elimination.

Technical problems

The probability of such faults is very small, but it happens that power supply system is in poor condition. The battery of the device has its own life which involves a certain number of charge cycles. Upon expiration of such period, the part fails or starts to work very badly. Such trouble may occur due to the use of power adapters that are not suitable to a particular device. In such cases, the equipment is overloaded and its temperature rises. Such problems happen very rarely, but, nevertheless, can cause rapid discharge.

Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

To know precisely this reason, to help test the battery with special technology. If fears were confirmed, then you need to change the battery for a new one. It is important to use genuine parts. Parts not from the official representative and copies of the Chinese will be able to solve the problem only for a certain period.

Also troubles can happen with the power adapter. The tablet may indicate a full charge, and actually not be half charged. Because of this, and the work is very small. To solve this problem is extremely difficult, professionals can replace the chip, but it will be expensive and does not guarantee a positive result.


As is known, the transmission gives a high load on the device battery. Therefore, to avoid rapid discharge must be switched off:

  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • mobile Internet;
  • GPS;
  • the phone (with the SIM card).

    Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

To enable these functions should only be used when they are needed.

To do this:

  • in the settings you need to enter the menu «communications»;
  • click the icon for one of them to mute/unmute.


Another reason for the rapid depletion of the battery may be the screen backlight. This function consumes about 57% of the charge in any technique. If possible, you need to set the minimum or medium level of illumination. Many tablets have sensors that change the light level automatically. If the external lighting does not need to change the screen settings, then this feature should be turned off because it too attaches to the load.

Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

Also, there are times when the tablet is not working, and the display lights up. So you need to set the auto-lock. Video games and pageviews on the Internet that won’t stop, and when reading books, this feature can be disabled.

The backlight adjustment screen is one of the simplest options conserve. It does not require special knowledge and tools, but it helps to solve such difficulties.

To change the brightness levels and automatic lock, you need to:

  • in the settings find menu «screen settings»;
  • adjust the settings by selecting minimum or average values.

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Configuring OS

Modern tablets are far removed from the first portable computers and smartphones on which to run favorite online chat, watch a movie and kill time games. Now gadgets practically live their lives, making independent trips to the web, bringing out newer versions of the software.

The main actions of the system, which are thrown charge, can be considered:

  • automatic data synchronization;
  • periodically poll the network;
  • software update.

Automatic data synchronization

All equipment with Android system loves to verify all the data. So, by default, all running Google and other sources that are not always needed, but always work.

To reduce energy consumption, it is recommended to manually do the sync settings. This will increase the comfort level when working with the device and turn off unnecessary sync services.

Periodically poll the network

Gadget all the time looking for something on the Internet and someone «communicates». Wireless connectivity, all the smartphones, laptops and other gadgets close contact with each other. This activity of the devices significantly affects their level of energy. Therefore, communication should be disabled, or set to sparing mode.

For example, if you need wifi, you can just turn invisible. You also need to turn off auto search. Modern gadgets are equipped with optimized Wi-Fi system that controls active functions.

Software update

Now smartphones can be installed a variety of programs, it is:

  • video games;
  • media players;
  • customers of social networks;
  • applications for communication (Skype, Viber, etc.);
  • browsers;
  • map of the area;
  • file exchangers;

The developers of these apps are constantly trying to improve them and therefore make changes. Also signals sent to remote servers. Tablet all these new things happily shakes even without the permission of the owner.

Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

Especially different these devices on Windows OS. They constantly check all programs on the subjects of updates. This increases the load on the device and its battery. So automatic updates must be switched-off independently to follow the novelties. Disable all unnecessary operating system actions is quite simple.

To do this:

  • go to the settings;
  • remove the check mark next to items that must be turned off;

Apps running in the background

Advantage and at the same time, the disadvantage of modern gadgets can be considered the ability to work multiple programs together. Of course, you can run a music player and a browser, communicating with friends on social networks and listening to the latest music.

Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

The disadvantage of this possibility is that if you start a second application, the first continues to run in the background and wasting memory. This is the multitasking feature. While background applications are not always beneficial and often simply exhausted the resources of the machine.

Only with the accumulation of a large number of running applications, the system self-closes, those who have long been included.

The most popular programs that sit in the background, are:

  • media players;
  • reader;
  • video games;
  • file managers;
  • the various settings.

The developers offer a variety of «tax killer», which will close unnecessary, but, as practice shows, these utilities only reduce the working time of gadget. Better to keep track of voracious. Also need to remove those applications that are rarely used but from time to time appear in the background.

On Android turn off background tasks is through task Manager.

Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

It divides the program into three points:

  • loaded;
  • is performed;
  • all.

With the button Stop you can remove unnecessary processes. At the same time, the gadget is not going to hurt needed programs cannot be turned off.

On IOS, to close background programs, you need to:

  • double tap the Home button to open task Manager;
  • stop unnecessary processes.

OS Windows:

  • to start the task Manager, it is necessary to hold the sensor from the left side of the screen and back while not lifting a finger;
  • to stop the applications.

Video: Forcing the tablet to charge

Additional effects

In recent years the popularity acquired animated Wallpapers. Depending on location, the picture changes. There are all sorts of options such effects, this and the falling snow, and a live waterfall, and even a car that constantly travels across the display.

It is clear that such interesting stuff reduces the battery, because the CPU load at the same time, the chips are the gyroscope and accelerometer. And to do without such images, and simple images are fine perform this function.

Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

One of the latest know-how in improving the design of the running machine are 3D Wallpaper. It certainly looks nice, but reduces battery life, so it is better to change the screen saver on a normal picture or photo.

To do this:

  • in the gallery choose the image;
  • click on the button «set as Wallpaper».

The tablet is quickly discharged

The fact that the device discharges very quickly because of the powerful games, bright display, etc. – that’s understandable. But, there are times when the gadget loses charge, even if nobody touches it.

In standby mode

When the tablet is just without work, the charge still lost. Sometimes in one night, sits down to 50% battery. The problem is that even without a master gadget actively looking for new items. So many programs you just need to disable.

Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

Of course, this loss of charge is noticeable. But still worth to study the power consumption of the gadget in different modes. This should be spelled out in the instructions to the technician and checked by means of special programs. Also, the cause may be deterioration of the battery.

If it is frequently discharged fully, or draws excess energy from the powerful outlets, its performance falling. To solve this problem only by buying the new original battery.


The battery percentage can drop even when the gadget is turned off.

This is due to several factors:

  1. not until the end of the off-state;
  2. Wi-Fi;
  3. operating system;
  4. the technical problems.

People often instead of having to switch off the equipment just turn on sleep mode. In this case, it is, of course, spends less energy than when in the on state, but still spends. To solve this problem is very simple to disable the gadget, you have to hold the button for 5-10 seconds.

Как сделать, чтобы планшет не разряжался быстро

The second cause of discharge can be a functioning Wi-Fi. Equipment manufacturers assure that disabled the gadgets Wi-Fi is not scary and does not affect the level of their charge. But many owners tablets confirm the opposite. Also damage can and a variety of programs that feed off the resources of technology.

The most vexing reason for the loss of charge can be a breakage of some parts. It could be battery wear, which was mentioned earlier, and even damage the motherboard. In these cases, the repair or replacement of components. If the technical condition of the gadget is favourable, to solve the problem of discharge, very simply following the above tips. Then the technique will delight reliable and high-quality features.

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